End Citizens United Supports 17 People In 2018, So Far

End Citizens United is a political action committee with one single goal. They are not promoting politicians to better their own interests, they aren’t ran by members of large corporations, and they aren’t representatives of the NRA or Big Pharma. End Citizens United wants to take the power in politics away from the rich and distribute it among all citizens.

Specifically, they are fighting to overturn a 2010 Supreme Court decision that furthered the efforts to consider profitable entities and corporate as people. This enabled corporations to donate near endless amounts of money to political candidates of its choice. Since the decision, corporations have been forcing and/or pushing their lower end employees to participate in political donations. This practice is called Employer Political Coercion and it is a growing threat in America.

End Citizens United has released a list of their biggest political opponents called Big Money 20. The list consists of 20 politicians who are currently in office that accept Big Money from rich corporations. These 20 people have all put the needs of corporations above the common citizen.

They don’t only fight to take out politicians that accept heavy donations; End Citizens United supports politicians who refuse to accept large donations from the wealthy. Recently, End Citizens United endorsed Kristen Gillibrand for the United States Senate. In addition to Gillibrand, End Citizens United has already endorsed 17 other politicians for the 2018 election cycle.

Tiffany Muller

Tiffany Muller now serves as the President and Executive Director of End Citizens United. Ever since graduating from the University of Maryland Tiffany has been involved in politics. She began her political career at the local level as a member of the Topeka City Council in Kansas.

Prior to joining End Citizens United she has also served as chief of staffs for multiple congressmen. The excellent organizational and execution skills she gained as chief of staff make her the perfect person to lead an organization such as End Citizens United.

Find more about End Citizens United: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnpLmnN_7TxPdpGODs-JXxg

Why US Money Reserve Gold Rises With Inflation

Inflation tends to make your money less valuable than you think it is. It is almost like a shadow. Inflation can erode your money’s value, so you have less purchasing power.


Certain assets will rise with inflation, like gold. What characteristics make gold rise with inflation? Learn why US Money Reserve gold rises with inflation.


Fake vs. Real Wealth


Oftentimes, stock traders talk about “paper wealth.” If your Apple stock increases from $50 to $100 before you sell it, you have “paper wealth.” You don’t have real wealth until you sell your stock at $100.


Inflation creates a sort of “fake wealth.” Unfortunately, Americans think that their dollars are more valuable than they are. Inflation increases can lead to many problems.


Unchecked inflation can lead to an inability to properly gauge prices. This could impact individuals, companies and governments. It could be difficult to determine if its budget is sufficient when prices rise dramatically.


Productivity Gains


There is a difference between real wealth and fake wealth. The problem with inflation is that sometimes, it is fake wealth. Why?


When a construction firm digs the foundation for a home, it is doing real work. When it puts up the wooden infrastructure, it is creating a brand new house. This productivity creates real assets for the economy.


When a business takes a sign for eggs that says $1.00 and changes it to $2.00, has it created any new wealth? No. That is one of the problems with inflation, it can be fake wealth, at times.


Gold is Tangible


Can anyone create any new gold out of thin air? No. Gold must be mined or recycled.


Gold has always been a store of wealth because it is very difficult to acquire. It cannot be manufactured. That is why US Money Reserve gold bars are so valuable.


You can find gold coins that used to be in circulation at US Money Reserve. There are also proof gold coins that were never in circulation. These are in pristine condition.


The thing about gold is that its price is not manufactured. It cannot be produced by any factory. It is not found in only one nation.


Gold is a commodity. Commodities are real tangible items. Commodities include gold, silver, wheat and orange juice.


Commodities are the raw materials used to manufacture finished goods. Businesses need these raw materials to create the electronics, computers and automobiles that you use every day. As inflation rises, it might lead to the rise of input prices.


That is why gold rises with inflation.


Gold is kind of a mirror on inflation. Gold can reveal whether the inflation is fake or real. Gold can show whether it has led to increased productivity, or whether it is full of hot air.


The US Money Reserve can explain all that you need to know about gold. It is a trusted source of information. If you are worried about inflation, then gold might be a good way to hedge your bets.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Appoints New Leader

The banking industry is changing in Brazil. With rapid economic growth, many people who live in Brazil are demanding access to better banking solutions. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has worked in the industry for several decades. During his career, he has made a positive impact on various companies.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is currently the CEO of Brazil. He wants to focus on other areas of his life. He is transitioning out of the company. Bradesco is presently searching for the next leader. Bradesco is the second leading bank in Brazil. Any leadership change is a significant opportunity for large companies.

Early Career

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi attended college to earn a degree in business. He knew that he wanted to work for a large corporation and obtain a high income. He worked a few jobs while he was in college to help with the bills. He worked at a small bank and was able to help numerous customers. He enjoyed working at a bank as a clerk, and he decided to stay in the banking industry after graduation.

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Advanced Degree

After serving in the banking industry for several years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided to get an advanced business degree according to valor.com.br. Although going back to college was expensive, he wanted to invest in his career.

He went to school at night after work. Although there were days when he felt too busy, he is glad that he earned an advanced business degree.


As CEO of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made multiple changes to the company. He invested heavily in online banking. Many young customers want more access to online banking options. Some people wrongly assume that traditional banks do not have to innovate. Banks that refuse to innovate will stagnate and eventually go out of business. Although Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is leaving Bradesco, he is proud of his accomplishments at the company.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: https://oglobo.globo.com/economia/bradesco-anuncia-novo-presidente-octavio-de-lazari-junior-vai-substituir-luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi-22365414#ixzz56wDld69g

Security of the Future

With technology becoming the beast that it is there is always the issue with new forms of security in order to match individuals who seek to test the boundaries. This is the case with communications in the United States penal system. In the modern day world, everyone seems to be connected to the internet, and even inmates are allowed the ability to access the internet and use its wealth of information when they are able. Inmates have the ability to rent out tablets in some prisons, a fact that rewards good behavior but at the same time comes with its own set of issues. What if a convicted criminal want to continue to break the law while they are currently locked away? They have the ability, through access to the internet, to directly communicate with unsavory individuals and set up criminal acts even if they are not physically present. It is for this reason and others that Securus Technologies is trying to do their part to monitor and make changes to how inmates access the world wide web.


Securus Technologies is a well-known information technology firm that has famously targeted inmates and their family members as a niche customer base. They have released a series of different products to their customers, with one of their most popular services being a relatively inexpensive video chat interface that inmates can use to bypass security checks and physical visitation periods in order to virtually speak and see their loved ones instead. This service has allowed inmates to connect with others like never before, but, as already stated, has opened up a veritable can of worms that has proven hard to close.


In order to combat unauthorized calls and internet signals, Securus Technologies is in development of what they call a wireless containment system. When operational the system will act as a sort of blanket around a prison or jail and will monitor and keep track of every signal that goes through the affected area. The operator of the system will be informed of all signals through the system and will have the ability to either allow them to connect or cancel them. The device accessing the signal will then be located and identified through a unique IP address. The operator of the wireless containment system can then choose to forever block the device is need be, making contraband cell phones use extremely difficult to continue.


This new system promises to revolutionize the way that internal security works in the prison system. It will allow Securus Technologies to once again make their mark across the nation and has the potential to be a major game changer in the future.

Changing Dating and Networking with Whitney Wolfe

Last year, 28-year old Whitney Wolfe changed the atmosphere in the dating scene. She launched a dating app for women. The app allows women to look for their ideal men instead of waiting for men to initiate. While it was just supposed to be a business idea, the app changed the prevailing culture and created a lot of reaction from people.

This app is not just helping women to find eligible men. It is giving them power and confidence to go for what they want. Traditionally, men start the conversation or attention of the woman. Today, the world is different and women should not be misunderstood if they make their first move.

The success of this app has also encouraged women entrepreneurs. Whitney Wolfe is just a young woman under thirty years but she was not afraid to exploit her potential. Before, Whitney launched Bumble; she worked in an environment that did not satisfy her zeal. It inspired her to quit that job and start her own venture. Today, Whitney Wolfe is glad she followed her desired because they have paid off greatly. Whitney is encouraging other young women to follow suit. They should not be intimidated by the environment.

Recently, Bumble introduced another category for business networking. Bumble Bizz allows professionals to interact and share knowledge or ideas. People are wondering whether it is replacing LinkedIn but they are just competitors. It is good for business people and professionals to have several options to use.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to Southern Methodist University. She did a course in social sciences and did community work after college. Whitney even traveled to Southern Asia to work in orphanages. While doing all this work, Whitney probably never knew she would develop interest in technology and business.

Besides work and entrepreneurship, Whitney is a wife to Michael Wolfe. They got married in a color and beautiful wedding in 2017. The achievements of Whitney Wolfe are not just for her fulfillment. They are an inspiration to women. Whitney is a symbol of innovation and doing things differently.

The world may be dominated by men in many areas. However, women need to take up opportunities of changing the playing field. They are entitled to make positive changes in the society. Today it is no longer a big issue when a woman approaches a man. Thanks to Bumble App for changing that stereotypical view that has lasted for many years.

Obsidian Energy And Their Current Financial Reports That Showcase Their Robust And Excellent Performance

We can write a whole lot of articles, features and executive profiles of the people that make the operations of Obsidian Energy possible, but we already have enough of that. What you probably need to read right now is the news that has been happening to the company ever since it started its operations.


The Common Share Consolidation Plan

It can be reviewed in the official website of Obsidian Energy that the 2017 Financial and Operational Results of Obsidian can already be publicly read and assessed for anyone’s portfolio and asset management. The company is pleased to announce these records and is proud that they’re able not just achieve such results, but also offer an outstanding level of achievement that would not have been possible without the concerted efforts of their staff, upper management and supporters.

The reports are dated March 6, 2018, and it contains all the audited financial information that would be relevant for any investor who wishes to be part of Obsidian’s growth. The report also revealed that despite the challenging environment under which Obsidian operates, it still has been successful in upending and underpinning all the needed issues that would be able to help recover the shallow decline cash flows that the business experiences.

It is also in this official record that it can be analyzed how high the growth of Obsidian’s production in terms of Boe per day calculations. Their solid execution must have been the only driving factor to make this otherwise prediction into a tangible reality. There’s also a consistent production delivery reported by the company, providing an operational momentum that would have been impossible if it weren’t for such a high-performing workforce that Obsidian employs right now.


The Future of Obsidian

Obsidian Energy has been a leading Canadian oil and gas production company for quite some time now. The challenge of the company is to adapt to the future needs and demands of the energy business. It has to be able to address the concerns needed to operate economically and responsively. It also has to address some of the risks, tragedies, and challenges that one has to consider when one wants to be still operating in the energy industry after all the new changes today. The company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto Stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


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Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur Like Jose Hawilla

In order to be a high achiever in the business world, a person should have a passion for their field of work, and always be willing to learn as much as possible about how to improve on their strategies and take advantage of the kinds of opportunities that have the most potential to push the business toward substantial financial and reputable growth. These are some of the things that Brazilian businessman Jose Hawilla learned on his journey to success. He started out as a sports journalist but ended up running his own sports marketing company named Traffic Group, which he founded in 1980. He built the company from a small endeavor that started out as an ad-selling business that sold space to companies who wanted to have their ads placed near bus stops.


Traffic Group went on to become one of the largest businesses of its kind in the country of Brazil. In the 1990s, Jose Hawilla negotiated a sponsorship agreement between the Brazilian Soccer Federation and the popular athletic gear company Nike, afterwards expanding the business by offering his deal-brokering services to tournaments that are a part of the Federation Internationale Football Association, better known as FIFA. He negotiated marketing agreements and TV rights to these organizations, and a few years earlier in 1987, Traffic Group also took over the marketing for the America Cup and later moved some of its operations to the U.S., which is part of the reason why it is now one of the top 5 biggest sports marketing agencies in the world. For more details visit estadao



Having a passion for sports reporting and events was what drove Jose Hawilla to advance in the career of his choice. He used the knowledge he had gained from his previous job and combined that with learning about the advertising industry and how to be an effective negotiator when trying to secure agreements. The high-achieving executive has had a long and successful career, and can now, at the age of 74, look back fondly at all of his accomplishments. He currently lives in Miami Beach, Florida, and is the father of 3 adult children. You can search on Google for more.


See more: https://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/o-dono-da-bola-m0043166/#