Ara Chackerian’s view of keys to success in Entrepreneurship

Ara Chackerian is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States. He is one of the co-founders f the TMS Health solutions, and he has been involved in the making f success stories of many other companies especially the healthcare companies in their early stage of development. His company, TMS Health solutions, deals with the treatment of those patients suffering from the depression that has resisted treatments.


Before the founding of TMS Health solutions, Ara Chackerian worked for a significant number of years with his partner in the Northern America creating networks of centers. During that time they observed that there was less treatment for the patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression. One of their partners suggested the company to them that could solve all these problems and that is how they got the opportunity to start TMS Health solutions.

Ara Chackerian has now become an oracle in entrepreneurship, and he is not mean with his business ideas and the primary keys to success. He takes his time to attend various interviews to share his view of; life and entrepreneurship to help their entrepreneurs realize their dreams. In one of his interviews, he says that for an entrepreneur to be able to succeed, he or she must have the ability to chose the company that one keeps. Check out medium for more.



According to him, an entrepreneur should have the ability to measure what everyone brings on the table and have the confidence to eliminate those that have no any positive impact towards achieving your goals. To Ara Chackerian, partnering with people who are greater than you is the best thing in entrepreneurship because they will give you a challenge and give you the motivation to be more successful.


In the same interview, Ara Chackerian was asked how he brings his business ides to life, and he explains by saying that ideas come from the life experiences. An entrepreneur should have the ability to see positive things even during the adverse life experiences. An optimistic person sees an opportunity even during the problematic experiences but a pessimistic person will always difficulty in every opportunity and it’s upon you as an entrepreneur to make the right choices. You can visit their Facebook page.




Heather Russel To Join TransUnion

Heather Russell is a notable legal executive and soon he is joining TransUnion. She will be the woman holding the position of an executive vice president together with being the chief legal officer. The first day to be n the office was on Monday, June 2018.

She joined TransUnion having come from Buckley Sandler, a prominent law firm. Russel is an accomplished and a valued partner who served from October 2016 heading the organizations Financial Institution’s supervision, regulations and technology and it was referred to as FIRST. FIRST assisted the clients like banks, financial services institutions and financial technology (fintech) where it addresses the strategic challenges that are related to regulatory concerns. An example, the FIRST practice assists its clients with mergers and acquisitions, implementing the required regulatory changes and navigating the regulatory approval process.

In a Bloomberg article, it mentions that Heather Russel also brought some wealth of relevant experiences in the organization. Having held some executive-level positions in other organizations prior to Buckley Sandler like Fifth Third Banks, Bank of America and New York Mellon Bank. The Fifth Third Bank is 12th largest compared to other banks in the United States. At the bank, Russel was the chief legal officer, corporate secretary and vice president of the bank. In New York Mellon Bank, she acted as the global chief regulatory counsel, this is after she had founded its international office dealing with public policy and regulatory affairs where she was managing the organization’s relationships with 100 countries regulators worldwide. At the bank of America, she acted as the senior vice president and also associate general counsel where she was providing lead counsel services for the many divisions which included Global risk & supervisory and regulatory relations and many more.

She has value for education. She attended William and Mary’s college located in Williamsburg, VA where she was an undergraduate. After completing she was awarded Biology and English degree. At a later time, she attended American University Washington College dealing with law and located in Washington, DC. After she graduated she started serving as senior editor. She was once awarded for prestigious honor as the most outstanding graduate and even went to work as an adjunct professor. While working as a professor at University of Boston a Law school and she was teaching fintech classes and banking future.

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Rocketship Education Criticized – But Why?

Education is very important to society. Without people who have already experienced life’s trials, tribulations, and experiences to show around younger, newer, fresher young people, younger generations are likely to make more mistakes than those collective cohorts could have if they had all been educated. Not only that – societies with higher public education standards also tend to make more money than their less-educated counterparts and otherwise tend to lead better, more promising lives.

The United States of America was once home to one of the greatest public education systems in the world. Today, the United States isn’t even in the top ten – the country is home to the greatest higher education market in the world, though not primary and secondary schools.

Rocketship Education is a charter school with 19 free-standing campuses spread across San Jose and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Nashville, Milwaukee, and the nation’s capital – Washington, D.C. Founded in 2007, the school system currently teaches a total of roughly 8,500 children in grades K-5. Although the school system isn’t growing as rapidly as it was at the turn of the decade, Rocketship Education remains one of the finest charter schools in the nation.

NPR is one of the most popular media sources across the nation, even though radio is steadily dying out and National Public Radio typically doesn’t push out catchy advertisements in the name of increasing profits like almost all other media stations.

Although NPR is objectively solid, it wrote a piece two years back about Rocketship Education; containing nothing but criticism, let’s address a few of the most outstandingly inaccurate or incorrect parts of the June 2016 piece.

Even though Rocketship has high test scores, it was criticized for having as many as 100 students in certain classrooms. Since Rocketship Education is doing so well, why wouldn’t other schools follow suit?

Rocketship was also targeted for allowing students about 80 minutes per day to use education-focused devices with the world’s top learning software. Many other schools allow much more than 80 minutes per day, and don’t even see half the results Rocketship does.

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Hussain Sajwani Continues To Expand DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani has been on a very successful path for the majority of his life, taking the opportunities that were afforded to him making them into something great. Hussain’s first job was at GASCO as a contract manager, which he was able to get right after his schooling was finished. Starting in 1982, Hussain Sajwani started up his owned catering business that became a major success throughout the region. Eventually, Hussain decided on property and development, which led him to purchase land and building his very own hotels in the 1990’s. Following this success, Hussain went on to found DAMAC properties in 2002.

Hussain Sajwani first formed the DAMAC Group back in the 1990’s in Dubai, where he also currently lives today. This company has played a big role in the development of properties all over the globe. DAMAC Properties is highly focused on wealthy properties and luxury hotels. On a regular basis, DAMAC has designers bring in different ideas and concepts to bring to life and add to the company’s portfolio. Many of the interiors for DAMAC’s hotels have come from famed designers such as Fendi Casa and Versace.

As mentioned in CNBC, DAMAC Properties takes on all forms of property development on top of their luxurious hotels, including villas and apartment complexes. Over the years, DAMAC has built roughly 20,000 apartments for people within the region. This area of the company depends on the hospitality department, which is managed by several different sectors these days. These sectors include Maison Mall Street, Maison Cour Jardin, and Maison Canal View, all of which are part of the DAMAC Group.

According to Forbes Middle East, Hussain Sajwani also has a close relationship with the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. Both Hussain and Donald Trump have been working in real estate and property for the majority of their careers and have become extremely successful doing so. DAMAC was even responsible for building a golf club in Dubai that was named after Donald Trump. With so much in common between the two, they will certainly be working together more in the future as well. In direction with the company’s founder, DAMAC plays a big role in various philanthropic projects around the world as well, working to improve the quality of life for underprivileged individuals around the world, especially children. Feel free to get in touch with Sajwani on Facebook or Instagram.

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The implications on growth contributed by Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is a food processing company that started as a domestic company and grew to be international with several branches in different countries. Sheldon Lavin started as a financier of OSI Group as he worked in the banking sector as an investor and executive. He later joined the company as a shareholder and grew to become the half partner. With time he got the whole shares and became the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Being a visionary investor, he decided to use different strategies to expand the company. Moreover, the purposes to ensure a growing company emphasizing the green innovations to establish sustainability.

One of the strategies Sheldon Lavin is using for the growth of the company is the use of joint ventures with already established companies. For example, the company joint ventures with Select Ready Foods in Canada that would ensure an improvement in the value of the meat products it distributes. To expand the meat distribution in Europe, OSI Industries entered a joint venture with PIckstock. The investment would result to double or mutual benefit as both companies would grow to greater heights. Sheldon Lavin facilitated the joint venture with Flagship Europe that is responsible for large productions of various meat products in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the collaboration led to the perfect chance for the expansion of both companies.

Also, Sheldon Lavin used the strategy of acquisition of more property to build the company. For instance, he facilitated the purchase of the Tyson Production Plant in Illinois. The purchase cost several, but it was worth since it would provide abundant storage space and is adjacent to another plant of OSI Group making it easily accessible. The purchase of Dutch Baho Food Controlling Stake was another venture that would lead the company to growth. The enterprise would ensure green practices in the operations of processing meats. Moreover, it would increase distribution market as it deals with deli meats and snacks as well.

Furthermore, a joint venture with the German Hynek slaughterhouse is strategic. It would result in better access to raw meat since it is located strategically. Therefore, the market in Germany and Europe would broaden since the distribution of fresh meat would increase. For a constant supply, the company works with the local sources hence ensuring sustainability. The venture is also an opportunity to serve the demands of the clients whose market increases with low supply. Therefore, it would act as a satisfactory chance for both the public and the company as well.

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What to note about DAMAC Properties and Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai based global entrepreneur who is also the founder and chairman of DAMAC properties. This company is a globally accredited property development firm established as a leader in the property market. Hussain Sajwani got his degree from the University of Washington and launched his career as a contracts manager. After a while, he started his enterprise and later a catering venture in 1982.

Sajawani started DAMAC properties in 2002 as a luxury estate that delivered competent living experiences to residents of Dubai and the UAE. He is currently the chairman and principal shareholder of the company. Since then, the firm has collaborated with leading and renowned fashion and lifestyle companies that focus on the introduction of new and exciting lifestyle concepts into the market. Some of these projects include the Tiger Woods golf course managed by the Trump Organisation. The projects aim at delivering tailored and serviced luxury living solutions to the opulent.

Since its inception, DAMAC properties has expanded to become among the most recognized luxury developers. The company’s projects span the Middle East and the European regions. Characterized by enduring commitment to premium qualities and designs, DAMAC properties has developed a robust reputation for being the developer of some of the most revolutionary iconic features globally.

Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, also manages the catering division of the firm that has grown to become among the leaders in project management. Overseeing at least 200 projects in a broad selection of markets, the company provides services to army camps, academic institutions, and construction campsites. Mr. Sajwani holds an unbeaten track record for the management of this firm which offered exemplary services like workforce supply alongside the maintenance and management of camps.

In the UAE, DAMAC properties is closely associated with the Trump organization. Together, the two businessmen have managed to create stunning marketing stunts and famous golf course initiatives. Currently, the billionaire entrepreneur has aspirations of fostering this business relationship. The Titans celebrated New Year’s together and have collaborated in generating about $2 billion of luxury villas.

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Dick and Betsy DeVos: Charter Schools Give Children the Most Out Of Their Education

There many things that exist in the state of Michigan because of the work that has been done by Dick and Betsy DeVos. They took their role in their community very seriously. They knew that their work who would benefit generations for years to come and they wanted to make sure that it stood the test of time. One thing that is so foundational to society is education. Betsy DeVos took a very early liking to the education system, but she saw some glaring problems when it comes to those systems. With her husband Dick, she pursued a career within the sector in the hopes that she would become a major proponent of lasting change.


Dick DeVos is also a master politician and advocate. He has focused on the development and other business opportunities. When their home community of Grand Rapids, Michigan sought to advance their infrastructure, Dick DeVos stepped in to offer his opinion on matters. He, and a group of other outstanding individuals from the community worked together to supply the blueprints for community buildings that would help grow the community instead of squashing it. It seems that the proposed conference center that many were pushing for was not in the best interest of Grand Rapids, this panel of individuals helped save Grand Rapids from an uncertain future.


Another thing that Dick and Betsy DeVos have poured their heart and soul into is there charter school located at Grand Rapids International Airport. This school is exceptional in every single way. Students are challenged and much of the coursework is engineer based. They receive their normal coursework, but they also have an education that is centered around aviation. Children that are interested in becoming pilots would do well to be enrolled in a program such as this. In every single grade, children are given the opportunity to attend aviation classes. They will learn how to fly, how to read instruments, how to maintain their personal planes, and many other pertinent skills.


One of the most exciting things about this charter school is that it has two personal airplanes. These airplanes allow students to go on their own flights. Students that have received the appropriate amount of instruction and grading will be allowed to participate in their own solo flights. The blue-shirted novices will then be confronted with a peer that has been awarded a white shirt, delegating that they were able to complete this wonderful milestone. Betsy and Dick DeVos believe that this is a good thing because it gives the students something to aspire to and work for.


Throughout all of Michigan, it appears the state is better because of the work that the DeVos family does. It is easy to discount the politics of an individual without understanding how much work they have done for their community. When Betsy DeVos fights for school choice, she knows how beneficial it is to the students that experience these different types of education. She wants that for all of America’s children so that they can get the most out of their education.


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Sightsavers Plays Major Role In Eliminating Trachoma From Ghana

Sightsavers is an international nonprofit which seeks to prevent avoidable blindness. They have operations in some of the poorest nations in the world where they treat eye conditions like cataracts. They also provide care for diseases like river blindness and trachoma which can rob someone of their ability to see. Additionally, they promote people with disabilities such as by providing vocational training and advocating for their rights.

According to one of Sightsavers lastest blog entries trachoma is an eye disease which has now been eliminated in Ghana. This is the first nation in sub-Saharan Africa which can make this claim. Sightsavers has been providing their services in Ghana for the past 18 years. When they first entered this nation in 2000 it was estimated that around 2.8 million people were at risk of this eye disease. The World Health Organisation declared on June 13, 2018, that trachoma had been eliminated in Ghana as a public health problem.

There are still about 200 million people in the world, in 41 nations, who are at risk of developing trachoma. The results out of Ghana show that there is hope in eliminating this eye disease globally. Simon Bush it the director of neglected tropical diseases at Sightsavers. He said that by working with other organizations and governments, determination, and a lot of hard work it is possible to eliminate trachoma globally. This is a very painful eye disease which can be both prevented and treated for those people who live in areas of the world susceptible to this disease. He said that it was nonprofits like Sightsavers, governments, pharmaceutical companies, and the people in the communities in which his organization operates that eliminated this disease.

Trachoma is an infectious disease. Sightsavers say it can be spread by both flies as well as people touching each other. The most common reasons for it developing in an area are a lack of access to clean water, sanitation, and impoverished conditions. Trachoma begins as a bacterial infection. If it is not treated the eyelids of the person with trachoma begin to turn upwards. This leads to their eyelashes continuously scratching the surface of their eye and eventually blindness.

Four times as many women as men are infected with trachoma. A midwife, Ayishetu Abdulai, came down with this disease and said it made her all but unable to earn a living. She was treated by Sightsavers and afterward she can see once again.

Take a Step into the Surreal in “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

If you’ve ever read any of Sean Penn’s books, you’ll be one to tell that he writes with a lot of complexions and large words and this is exactly what he does in his new book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The book is much similar to a lot of other surreal books with the setting taking place in an almost dystopian society. It covers many segments of different obstacles and paths, much like you’d see in a lot of these style books.

But there is a twist with Mr. Penn’s book, as he greatly appreciates a person with a wide array of vocabulary, he incorporates this into his writings. For somebody who has never read a book or article of Mr. Penn’s, it might be in your best interest to keep a dictionary or thesaurus handy. The literary choices throughout the book may leave even advanced level readers in the dust if they aren’t prepared for descriptive and thought-provoking wordplay.

One other suggestion that Marc Maron, who had a podcast interview with Sean Penn, is to read Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff in sections. He mentions it is not necessarily a book you would just want to sit down and read through in a short period. You will need time to consider what is happening and allow yourself to absorb the content through your own thoughts and wonders.

Now to the book itself. In the book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, we see a lot of expansion on perspective in society today, from modern social issues to an array of stories. The book will keep you guessing with reflective times, times of awe, and definitely some moments of despair. As you follow the main characters through their journey, you begin to feel for each one of them as see who they truly are.

As some say, Sean Penn has created an amazing book and will lead many people to adventure when they pick it. Follow Bob Honey through his adventures in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.


About Heather Russell

Heather Russell lands a new job at TransUnion. The announcement was made by the TransUnion Executive Committee that indicated Heather Russell would be joining their firm as the Chief Legal Officer and the Executive Vice President. The appointment becomes effective on 4th June after the exit of the former Chief Legal Officer, John Blenke. TransUnion is a credit rating firm that concentrates on the issues of credit protection, consumer privacy, and providing information to clients or informed decision making. Heather Russell will be responsible for financial technology, legal compliance and regulatory affairs, consumer privacy and data protection, corporate governance, and government relations. Heather Russell will serve under the Chief Executive Officer of TransUnion, Jim Peck. She is also expected to contribute to the TransUnion Executive Committee where she will give overall progress regarding the firm.

Heather Russell has led a successful career under her belt. She has vast experiences and skills with over 20 years in mergers and acquisitions, data security, and corporate governance. Her expertise in legal finance includes retail banking, private banking, bank counseling and compliance, financial institution regulations, and licensing and chartering. Her qualifications and experiences make Heather Russell the best candidate for the position of Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President at TransUnion

Before joining TransUnion, Heather Russell served as a managing partner at Buckley Sanders Legal Firm. Here, she was the leader in financial compliance regulatory affairs and commercial technology. She also served at Fifth Third Bank as Chief Legal Officer and the Vice President. Heather Russell also executed these two roles at New York Bank Mellon. Russell also spent eight years as an adjunct professor teaching financial technology and banking at Boston University of Law. She spent many years at Washington, DC practicing mergers and acquisitions. This makes her one of the most experienced individuals in the sector.

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