Alex Hern The 3D And Virtual Expert

Alex Hern is a serial entrepreneur he has founded multiple different companies two of the companies that he is known for founding is Inktomi and Yesmail. Inktomi provides software for huge companies like Amazon and Walmart and yesmail does email marketing for businesses. Alex Hern most recent company was founded back in 2011 and it is called Tsunami XR. The company focuses on improving workplace productivity by the use of 3D and virtual reality.

Alex Hern says that 3D and virtual reality will make business meetings run smoothly and save time. Alex Hern also believes that the new up and coming 5G network will improve today’s digital workspace strategy across all industries. The impressive thing about this 5G network is that this technology is so great it can almost replace real-time interactions.

When you put Tsunami XR software with the new 5G network it will improve speed to market, increase productivity, improved customer service, and provide employees with an improved work environment. This new technology is amazing and is improving businesses across the globe. So if a business is not operating to the max productivity it should definitely do some reevaluating of its operating system. The Tsunami XR technology is truly revolutionary and changing the game for digital workspaces across the business world.


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