Are Nutrisystem Plan Costs Really Affordable?


Nutrisystem is one of the most highly rated and recognized diet meal plans on the market. As such, and with it being a meal plan that involves eating multiple times per day, a lot of consumers automatically assume it must be expensive. False.


Look at the price of cooking a healthy meal from scratch using grocery ingredients; in comparison, Nutrisystem is actually quite low cost. Throw in the time you save shopping and cooking, and you have a winner, winner chicken dinner.


Nutrisystem Affordability


People trying to eat healthy can spend hours each day between deciphering food labels, researching foods and recipes, gathering grocery lists, preparing the meal, packaging to-go meals, portioning foods, washing dishes, and then trying to do it all again for snacks.


Nutrisystem takes the uncertainty out of meal planning and portioning and the work, time, and mess out of meal prep. It’s three steps – pop your meal in the microwave, eat it, and throw the container away. Simple. Fast. Nutritious.


But, what about affordability? That, too! The top rated plan is under $12 a day for three meals and two snacks.


Challenge: go to the grocery store and see what you can get that’s healthy, under $3, and still satisfies your appetite.


Challenge: go to a restaurant and see what you can get for under $3. Uhm, a breadstick, maybe. Restaurants typically provide huge portions at huge prices that produce huge bellies.


Challenge: try an Italian cuisine from Nutrisystem. Perfect portion. Great taste. Costs just a few bucks. No mess or prep. At the end, you’re satisfied, not broke, not tired, and have still managed to eat a weight-friendly meal.


Cost Break-Down By Plan


Nutrisystem offers different diet meal plans for various needs, all of which are quite affordable and have free shipping:


  • Basic: $9.82 per day ($274.99/ mo.) It’s pre-selected meals and you’ll lose up to 7 inches and 13 lbs in the first month.


  • Core: $10.54 per day ($294.99/mo.) Choose your own meals and you’ll lose up to 7 inches and 13 lbs in the first month. Access to dietician and counselor staff.


  • Uniquely Yours: $11.96 per day ($334.99/mo.) Features extended food menu and frozen choices.


How Does Nutrisystem Compare Against Other Meal Plans?


Remember, Nutrisystem’s Uniquely Yours Plan is $11.96. Let’s look at two comparable plans offered by other leading, reputable companies:


  1. Jenny Craig’s comparable plan costs $15-$23 per day + membership costs and shipping. Jenny Craig’s meal list has roughly half the options as Nutrisystem, there’s no support staff, and there’s no money back guarantee.


  1. BistroMD’s comparable plan costs $19.28 per day. Where you get 3 meals and 2 snacks per day with Nutrisystem, you’ll only get 3 meals for 6 days and 2 meals on the seventh day with BistroMD. They have less meal options, you have to pay extra for snacks, no free shipping, and no guarantee.


In closing, you can see that Nutrisystem offers a huge value bang for the buck. It’s affordable, nutritious, comprehensive, and convenient.

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