Banyan Hill’s Matt Badiali Believes In Bullish Zinc Market

People who are investing in metal commodities are usually focused on gold, silver, or platinum. When it comes to trading natural commodities, forecasts uses assumptions because no one can really tell what would happen in nature. That’s the reason why proven commodities like gold and silver are getting a lot of attraction. However, this is going to change, according to Matt Badiali, because Zinc will underperform the other metals. Matt Badiali, the founder of “Real Wealth Strategist”, his investment newsletter in Banyan Hill stated that natural resources cycles usually last a few years. Zic has been in its bearish trend since 2011 and investors who don’t see gains, in the long run, tend to sell and move on another sector.

But as Matt Badiali says, no bull market goes straight up, and it is true with the Zinc market. The Zinc price trend from 2016 to 2017 dips every once in a while, but it will usually rise again. In just two years, the price went from $0.70 to more than $1.40. In addition, expert Matt Badiali stated that there are times earlier in the decade when Zinc has gained a lot, even outperforming other commodities. An example of this time is from December 2008 to January 2010. Zinc price increased from $0.48 to $1.22, a 154% gain in 25 months. A similar thing happened from July 5 to December 2006, when the price of zinc increased from $0.53 to $2.09 per pound. That’s 294% gain, and even in a shorter time span.

According to data of Zinc Price from InvestmentMine, Zinc Price per pound is currently on its bullish trend, and it is expected to continue in the following years. Matt Badiali stated that the last bullish Zinc market lasted for four years. Early investors will probably reap bigger gains when the bullish market finally takes off. Matt Badiali runs the newsletter Real Wealth Strategist and Front line Profits. Real Wealth Strategist has been in the Banyan Hill newsletters since 2017. He is an investment educator who specializes in natural resource investing. He has been confident in this sector because of his work experiences and a degree in sciences that he got from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University.


Think about what you would do if the economy you rely on starts to dwindle? Think about the consequences of withdrawing from a group that is funding your startup? What will be the next move? This is the kind of situation Britain is in after the Post Brexit policy. This decision saw the United Kingdom withdrawn from the European Union and now different economic and development sector are finding a way to adjust to such changes especially in an unpredictable political climate especially for investors.

With Real Estates, being among the sectors that have been significantly affected as recent records reflect have dropped in stock, and this brings into play major contributors to the property management and planning to come up with new ways of boosting the sectors. This is where Graham Edwards come in as an investor and is tasked with the delegation of planning and predicting the marketplace.

Graham academic qualifications put him in the hall of fame with three masters of Arts in Economics at the University of Cambridge. Having a good educational background is a boosting factor in regards to his insight as an investor and owns up to a percentage of housing in the United Kingdom. Graham Edwards is a collaborative team leader, and this has led to the success of his company. Working as a financial manager at Merril Lynch has molded him to be among the great contributors to business in the UK.

It goes without notice that being chosen to be the lead in the centers initiative for policy making, he is indeed a great asset in the United Kingdom economy. It is striking to quite quote how much of a good expert and investor he is because his prediction and insights will come in handy in saving the real estate market and also putting his company on the top lists of profitable firms.

Graham Edwards is considered a guru in this field with now owning a multimillion dollar company named Telereal Trillium property management and investment firm located in London. The Company under the leadership of Graham Edwards as The Chief Executive Officer has grown massively. He also provides leadership of housings in policy decision.



Alex Hern The 3D And Virtual Expert

Alex Hern is a serial entrepreneur he has founded multiple different companies two of the companies that he is known for founding is Inktomi and Yesmail. Inktomi provides software for huge companies like Amazon and Walmart and yesmail does email marketing for businesses. Alex Hern most recent company was founded back in 2011 and it is called Tsunami XR. The company focuses on improving workplace productivity by the use of 3D and virtual reality.

Alex Hern says that 3D and virtual reality will make business meetings run smoothly and save time. Alex Hern also believes that the new up and coming 5G network will improve today’s digital workspace strategy across all industries. The impressive thing about this 5G network is that this technology is so great it can almost replace real-time interactions.

When you put Tsunami XR software with the new 5G network it will improve speed to market, increase productivity, improved customer service, and provide employees with an improved work environment. This new technology is amazing and is improving businesses across the globe. So if a business is not operating to the max productivity it should definitely do some reevaluating of its operating system. The Tsunami XR technology is truly revolutionary and changing the game for digital workspaces across the business world.


Wes Edens Contributions to the Investment Market

For the last two decades, Wes Edens has made significant strides in the investment world, sometimes investing in unpopular markets. He was the first private investor to invest in the transport sector. Although the transportation company has changed hands since then, it is a perfect illustration that he is determined to make investments improve the lives of people. As part of the larger Fortress family, he is more inclined to private equity investments, and he believes that this arm of alternative investment is the future of better services and products. Apart from transport, Edens has also contributed to the growth of other sectors such as education, energy, infrastructure, and healthcare.

Last year, Wes Edens made another important move in the investment world, this time investing in English football. For many years, few USA investors have ventured into the world of English football but investing in Aston Villa is not only a timely investment to the club but also a smart investment move according to pundits. Edens did not make this move alone and according to him, working with Nassef Sawiris was an important consideration for both the parties. English football pundits pointed out that this investment will improve the performance of Aston Villa because, in English football, resources means better operations and therefore better performance. Read more about Wes Edens at

In the USA investment market, Edens continues to redefine the market through the following ways. First, since 1998, he has been part of the team that has been instrumental in injecting d compared to two decades ago. Second, Edens is one of the professionals that restored trust to the world of investment. According to him, integrity in the trading world is irreplaceable. Thirdly, Edens has services.

In 2019, Wes Edens believes that this year will favor investors and investment managers that studies and interpret investment trends well. According to him, 2018 was an interesting year in terms of market structures, and he firmly believes that changes in terms of structures may continue in 2019.


Madison Street Capital Received An Award In 2018 Turnaround Awards

Chicago-based Madison Street Capital received an award in the 13th Annual Turnaround Awards by the M&A Advisor. The investment firm is awarded because of its participation as an advisor in the Sachs Capital Group and RMG Networks merger. Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway thanked all the team members who made award possible.



The firm received the “Distressed M&A Deal of the Year” for their excellent performance as an exclusive advisor to Sachs Capital Group in their acquisition of RMG Networks. It can be remembered that the deal between Sachs Capital Group and RMG Networks was finally closed last year as with Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Partners backing up Sachs Capital’s decision. The Madison Street Capital exclusive advisor team was led by Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen.



Founder and CEO Charles Botchway expressed honor for the firm’award and is grateful to be recognized by their work in the transaction. He also expressed gratitude to all the team members involved for their efforts and their hard works. Botchway also highlighted how the “Distressed M&A Deal of the Year” could put another spotlight to Madison Street Capital reputation and to their ability to help their clients close complex transactions.



Every year, the M&A Advisors are giving awards to those firms that made an exceptional decision on different areas of business and investment. These awards are being sought by over 275 participating companies which were nominated and judged by a jury of industry experts. The awards include:

-Restructuring of the Year

-Transaction of the Year

-Refinancing of the Year

-Sector Deal of the Year

-Firm of the Year

-Turnaround Product / Service of the Year

-Professional of the year.



The M&A Advisor founder Roger Aguinaldo highlighted the winners’ capability to stand out among the 275 candidates by making the best decisions in the industry. He also pointed out that with the market growing more and more competitive, The M&A Advisor annually recognized outstanding firms and individuals with the highest levels of performance in the leading transactions. All the winners will be presented with their awards on Palm Beach, FL. There will be a black-tie gala event during the 2019 M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit on March 28.



Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based international investment firm which offers financial services that focuses on mergers and acquisitions. They give financial advisory, opinions, and valuation services for firms that are undergoing plans to purchase another firm.



The M&A Advisory is an organization that offers insights and intelligence regarding mergers and acquisitions. The organization was founded 20 years ago and has been giving recognition for transactions that stood out and turn the tables around within the year. It is also the authority for restructuring and corporate finance professionals.


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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Roles in InnovaCare’s Success in Medical Management

Rick Shinto has been one of the outspoken and accomplished figures in the healthcare industry. He has over 20 years in the medical field having started his career as an Internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. He later went on to work for MedParnters as the Vice President and was responsible for the medical management of the organization. Shinto then moved to Cal Optimal Health in Orange County as a senior medical officer. He late became the CMO and operations manager for Pathway Management and later the senior officer in charge of medical management at NAMM California. In the year 2008, Rick Shinto joined the management staff of Aveta Inc and rose through the ranks to become CEO up to the point when it was sold in 2012. Rinko Shinto currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Innovacare Health.

As a result of his innovative capabilities, Rick Shinto was awarded the much-coveted Entrepreneur of the Year award in June 2012.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. She is serving a second stint after rejoining Innovacare Health in 2015 after her previous role of Chief Operating Officer. Kokkinides has more than 20 years experience in the health care with a specialty in government programs.

Before joining Innovacare Health, Kokkinides served as the Vice President and COO for Centerlight HealthCare. In an interview with, Kokkinides revealed that taking time to be informed is what makes her stand out as an entrepreneur and an authoritative leader in her field.

She attributed her organization skills to be one of the key factors that help her grow in her role and also as an entrepreneur. She plans the next day in advance which keeps her productive throughout the week. According to her, ideas should be developed to live through implementation.

About InnovaCare

Innovacare Health is a North-American medical corporation which provides healthcare services. It does so through two main divisions: Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. The company utilizes technology in coming with innovative, affordable, and sustainable health products and services. The firm’s ultimate objective is to revolutionize healthcare management while at the same time addressing the main challenges in the industry. It has a client base of over 200,000 people who are also registered as members. It received the highest accreditation issued out by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) because of their product offering.

Doe Deere Looks Back At Her Beginnings

It is important to realize that America is a country that is filled with immigrants. Today, some immigrants are looked at in a negative way. However, Doe Deere is one Russian born immigrant that is a real success story and shows the fortitude and ambition of many new immigrants to the country. Doe Deere’s name is very recognizable because she is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and the fashion brand Poppyangeloff. Doe Deere achieved fame, fortune, and a wonderful life in this country and would like to share her success story with others. Here is more to consider.

Deere’s Big Dreams

Certainly, Doe Deere would agree that she was totally obsessed with everything that was American. That included the culture, music, food, and fashion. She read extensively about American and dreamed about moving to America. One day that dream was realized, when Doe Deere, her mother, and sister decided to move to America. At the age of 17, Deere and her family arrived in New York City, eager to start a new life. However, landing and living in New York City were a major shock to their system. The city was big, noisy, polluted, and too crowded. They moved into a small apartment and set about their new life. However, her mother’s savings ran out and they were forced to take menial jobs. Soon, they had to move into a Manhattan homeless shelter. It seemed their dreams were turning into a really harsh reality.

A Lucky Break

Doe Deere and her family did not give up on their American dream even though things were looking down. Deere still held on to her dream of designing fashions, her sister wanted to attend college, and her mother wished to pursue her career in accounting. A nonprofit organization that helped recent immigrant women stepped in and turned things around for the trio. A feminist lawyer made sure that Deere was enrolled in the Fashion Institute Of Technology, her sister in college, and her mother found an accounting position. Soon, they moved into their own little apartment. Today, Doe Deere relates that it was the tough beginning that made her a wiser and smarter person today. She would not change a thing.

Doe Deere – The American Dream

The original article is how cosmetic company founder Doe Deere came to America from Russia with her mother and sister and how the experiences she had makes her the kind of person she is today.

She first came to the United States when she was 17 years old (20 years ago) with her mother and sister from Izhevsk, Russia after dreaming of moving to the USA throughout her childhood. Her mother was an accountant but her credentials were taking time to transfer from Russia and was unable to find the type of work she wanted to do. She had to clean homes in order to receive an income while Doe took odd jobs such as dog walking to help with the bills.

The family eventually became homeless and had to go to homeless shelters and a local church for free meals in order to survive. During this time Doe was trying to follow her childhood dream of becoming a designer by putting her ideas on paper. This was a hard time for the small family but eventually they got help from a social worker that introduced her to Dorchen Leidholdt, an inspirational lawyer who helped Doe’s mother get an accounting job, helped her get into a fashion institute school and helped her sister get into college as well. They eventually got a small apartment that wasn’t in the best area to live but it was a step up from where they were before and they were grateful for that.

Doe recognizes that all of these hardships helped her to get to the place she is now and that living the “American Dream” is what most immigrants try to achieve when they come to America. She further states that these immigrants that have the hardest path to citizenship could be the very people that “make America great again

ClassDojo – an application to learn outside the classroom

ClassDojo is a platform that was created to connect parents to teachers in an effort to monitor the individuals progress outside of school. It also has a lot to offer in teaching students material through informative videos, photos, along with a system to ask questions with messaging. According to their facebook page, millions of people have signed up and used the application as it is available in about 40 languages and 180 countries. It was created in the year 2011 by two individuals named Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. Over time the application has become more popular, being used in many school districts and by an abundance of teachers. ClassDojo creates a loving community and a positive culture between school and classroom. The application allows teachers to view a students progress on what they have learned and how they are doing, while also allowing teachers to communicate easily to their parents. An article from shares what ClassDojo is all about and how it benefits society. The article first shares that the application is easy to use and that the advancement of technology has only created more opportunities to learn. Some parents and teachers have described that ClassDojo makes it much easier to interact as children can forget what teachers tell them and schedules can not line up either between a teacher and parent to meet up. Students have expressed that ClassDojo’s platform allows them to simply send messages to their teachers and that they can be answered quickly from either a phone or desktop. The application is easily accessible and can give students a different perspective on their mistakes as teachers can film students reading and critique it by sending them their video individually. It fosters a different kind of learning experience by using technology. The messaging system allows teachers to contact parents in case of an emergency and ClassDojo automatically deletes an account if it is not used for a year. Teachers also can reward points to students on how they are doing in class and on the application, signaling to their parents if they are doing well or not. ClassDojo has been able to give more motivation to students in school and foster a positive learning experience. Find out more about ClassDojo:

Igor Cornelsen Offers Insight into the Investment Sector and How to Invest in the Right Way

With so many people looking for investment advice across the globe, it has become essential for more and more investment experts to surface. One of the prominent names when it comes to investment guidance is Igor Cornelsen, who has over four decades of experience in banking, the stock market, and the overall financial sector. He is currently based in the United States, but spent much of his life in Brazil and continues to move to and fro regularly. Igor Cornelsen has worked with many financial organizations in his career, and it is this experience that he shares with the people today to help them get closer to their financial goals.

Achieving financial security is not impossible, but it needs a meticulous strategy building. If you are not sure of how to go ahead with building investment strategy, taking the help of investment advisory by Igor Cornelsen is an ideal solution. You can be sure that with the help of Igor Cornelsen, it would become much easier for you to build a reliable investment portfolio over a period that is comprehensive and diverse. One of the specialties of Igor Cornelsen is stock market, and he does extensive research to pick some of the top stocks that he believes would continue to grow with time. If you want some help with getting started with stock market investment, make sure to consult with Igor Cornelsen beforehand.

Igor Cornelsen believes that it is good to share his knowledge with young investors and advice them to read the latest articles and publications on the world economy. It helps them learn about the different stocks and the market that would be rising in the near future so that they can invest in them. He also advise them to invest some time in analyzing the data themselves to get a better understanding of the financial situation.