Be True to yourself Samuel Strauch.

Life is worth living it and being true to yourself. The fact that we do at times things that we may not be interested in, having an active mind is essential in maintaining a healthy business. Samuel Strauch who is an entrepreneur is doing everything in his capacity to stay on top of his game in the real estate business. Bearing in mind that what may go around comes back around that is worth noting in our daily life.

Strauch studied business at Hofstra University in New York where graduated with an undergraduate degree. Also, he is a beneficiary of studies at Harvard University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. However, life after school life proved to be a hard nut to crack starting his career in banking then Real estate business. Having landed on a job that seemed dull to him, it required organizing document and reports for and operational department of a large company it proved to be a drawback for him since he is a creative and interpersonal sided person.

But in the school life where whichever path you take is part of our growth. It was a high time for a change in things and time manufacturing and quickly learning not to do things that he disliked. Going round and finally coming back, Strauch joined his family back in South Florida to continue their strive towards real estate business. Having been to Miami life experience there sprouted the idea of investing. There the city was undergoing a wave of new real estate developments and also a move from vacation town to a fledged metropolis on the beach.

Learning to count the blessing you have, in 2002 Strauch started his own company known as the Metrik Holdings. Home to the implementation of ideas is vital for them with the trend of paying attention to ideas from the new generations. Just as they say in Christianity that trust only God and not humankind. Samuel is a living testimony. Having paid the price of believing his Workmate who did not play his part as intended. In the long run, things started to unveil themselves, and it was no longer a secret. For metric Holdings once bitten twice shy be true to yourself.

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