Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur Like Jose Hawilla

In order to be a high achiever in the business world, a person should have a passion for their field of work, and always be willing to learn as much as possible about how to improve on their strategies and take advantage of the kinds of opportunities that have the most potential to push the business toward substantial financial and reputable growth. These are some of the things that Brazilian businessman Jose Hawilla learned on his journey to success. He started out as a sports journalist but ended up running his own sports marketing company named Traffic Group, which he founded in 1980. He built the company from a small endeavor that started out as an ad-selling business that sold space to companies who wanted to have their ads placed near bus stops.


Traffic Group went on to become one of the largest businesses of its kind in the country of Brazil. In the 1990s, Jose Hawilla negotiated a sponsorship agreement between the Brazilian Soccer Federation and the popular athletic gear company Nike, afterwards expanding the business by offering his deal-brokering services to tournaments that are a part of the Federation Internationale Football Association, better known as FIFA. He negotiated marketing agreements and TV rights to these organizations, and a few years earlier in 1987, Traffic Group also took over the marketing for the America Cup and later moved some of its operations to the U.S., which is part of the reason why it is now one of the top 5 biggest sports marketing agencies in the world. For more details visit estadao



Having a passion for sports reporting and events was what drove Jose Hawilla to advance in the career of his choice. He used the knowledge he had gained from his previous job and combined that with learning about the advertising industry and how to be an effective negotiator when trying to secure agreements. The high-achieving executive has had a long and successful career, and can now, at the age of 74, look back fondly at all of his accomplishments. He currently lives in Miami Beach, Florida, and is the father of 3 adult children. You can search on Google for more.


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