ClassDojo – an application to learn outside the classroom

ClassDojo is a platform that was created to connect parents to teachers in an effort to monitor the individuals progress outside of school. It also has a lot to offer in teaching students material through informative videos, photos, along with a system to ask questions with messaging. According to their facebook page, millions of people have signed up and used the application as it is available in about 40 languages and 180 countries. It was created in the year 2011 by two individuals named Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. Over time the application has become more popular, being used in many school districts and by an abundance of teachers. ClassDojo creates a loving community and a positive culture between school and classroom. The application allows teachers to view a students progress on what they have learned and how they are doing, while also allowing teachers to communicate easily to their parents. An article from shares what ClassDojo is all about and how it benefits society. The article first shares that the application is easy to use and that the advancement of technology has only created more opportunities to learn. Some parents and teachers have described that ClassDojo makes it much easier to interact as children can forget what teachers tell them and schedules can not line up either between a teacher and parent to meet up. Students have expressed that ClassDojo’s platform allows them to simply send messages to their teachers and that they can be answered quickly from either a phone or desktop. The application is easily accessible and can give students a different perspective on their mistakes as teachers can film students reading and critique it by sending them their video individually. It fosters a different kind of learning experience by using technology. The messaging system allows teachers to contact parents in case of an emergency and ClassDojo automatically deletes an account if it is not used for a year. Teachers also can reward points to students on how they are doing in class and on the application, signaling to their parents if they are doing well or not. ClassDojo has been able to give more motivation to students in school and foster a positive learning experience. Find out more about ClassDojo: