Steve Ritchie With Papa John’s

Pizza lovers everywhere have most likely heard of the well known Papa John’s as they have over 5,000 locations all across the globe. Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s strives hard to make sure the popular brand continues to utilize top notch ingredients and the products that people have come love. Steve Ritchie is definitely the one to watch as he tirelessly shows businessmen and women how hard work and dedication pays off.

Steve Richie PapaJohns isn’t new to the world of hard work as he has worked for Papa John’s for over two decades. He has held just about every position within the company including delivery driver, manager, and customer service representative. Many people in Kentucky know of Steve thanks to time as the owner of a local pizzeria. Steve spent over ten hours a day working on his business and learning all the tricks of the business. Steve was so successful in when he joined Papa John’s that he was recognized by Louisville Business First in the Forty under Forty column.

One of Steve’s most noteworthy accomplishments is the recognition from the American Customer Satisfaction Index for over fifteen years. This is a big deal for the pizza giant with over 120,000 happy employees and over 5,000 locations all over the country. The seasoned restaurant is celebrated for their really fresh ingredients and excellent customer service representatives. Steve and Papa John’s really understand how these qualities have the ability to guarantee the company much success for years to come. Get More Information Here.

Steve Ritchie was promoted to CEO of Papa John’s at the top of 2018 and has big plans for the already successful pizza brand. He looks forward to expanding the brands awareness in other countries as well as opening new locations in places such as Barbados. Steve also has big plans for his franchise and dreams of running up to 100 Papa John’s franchises by 2025. Those who are looking for more information on Papa John’s and Steve Ritchie are encouraged to take a look at the company’s informative website.


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Mark Holyoake Exits The Board Of Iceland Seafood International


A British real estate magnate is getting out of the fish business. Mark Holyoake announced he would be leaving his position on the board of Iceland Seafood International (ISI) along with another long time ISI member, Benedikt Sveinsson. Holyoake has been involved with Icelandic fish business since 2010 while Sveinsson is a veteran 40-plus year member.

Mark Holyoake first got involved with ISI in 2010 when he bought a major portion of the organization’s stock. He was once the largest shareholder. Holyoake did not discuss exactly why he is taking leave of ISI at this time. He once also held his one international seafood operation, International Seafood Holdings. It was through this vehicle that he bought controlling interest in ISI.

But now ISH has sold down its shares to allow for a number of changes to happen. That includes an Icelandic Iberica deal. It also facilitates the entry of other shareholders into ISI. These include Jakob Valgeir, FISK-Seafood, Nesfiskur and Utgerdarfelag Reykjavikur, the former Brim Seafood.

Mark Holyoake has enjoyed a long and successful investment career that begin in the 1990s. The native Brit is a graduate of Reading College. Holyoake is best known for his work in the real estate sector. In 2006 he established Oakvest, a firm that focuses on investing, developing and managing commercial real estate assets.

Holyoake has handled some of the most high-profile projects in U.K. real estate. A case in point is the Grosvenor Gardens House building. This historic mansion is located in London’s Belgravia district. Grosvenor House is the noted birthplace of Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother along with other elite British personalities, including legendary actor David Niven.

Mark Holyoake is often noted for his lavish residence on the Spanish island of Ibiza, a home that he acquired for €10 million in 2013. In addition to making his home on Ibiza, Holyoake is active in real estate investment on the island. He partners with the Carvalho Martins family, who in turn are supported by Sabina Estates.

Mark Holyoake expressed his deep gratitude to Benedikt Sveinsson and the strong bond and business relationship they shared on the ISI board.


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Steve Lesnard Contribution To The Sports Business

Steve Lesnard has a unique profile worldwide for brand firms and has created strong collaboration in sports, lifestyle, and technology. Steve Lesnard’s tenure as the worldwide leader reflects his interest in sports. He initiated his occupation in spanning for more than 20 years at the brand and led the snowboard team for the 1998 Winter Olympic. Later, he managed the brands in the Middle East and Africa director for Women and Cross.

In this position, he restructured the sports outlets for Women. Steve Lesnard launched the initial ladies retail, warehouse through the assistance of Madonna and Rihanna who motivated women in sports. Towards the end of his leadership in the brand, he changed and developed it to become the fastest improving firm for three years consecutively. In addition to that, the company earned billions of revenue worldwide. The innovative approaches, he utilized in the mobile assisted him to launch commodities like Lunar.

Besides this, he also created a paramount collaboration with Apple and improved the brand’s community to several million. He resides in Portland together with his family. A practice that has enabled him to be productive is by being eager to learn and passion for the new inventions and customer trends. Steve Lesnard highlights that sport is a global language that has permitted him to settle cultural issues by concentrating on similar values.

Moreover, leveraging sports and customers experience to make brand moments exemplary is another way. Personalization at scale is enjoyable since the data is distributed to the users. By doing this, the brands have the chance to be more personal by distributing and surpassing customers’ expectations. In his current position, he assists the brand to structure their next step and concept to gear their development.

Lesnard focuses on the customers’ needs because they are fundamental to each business. The app that assists him in the line of duty is the Notability since it permits him to join his entire files. Afterward, it modifies the files and stores them. This eliminates the paperwork and it is completed within a short period of time. Spotting a customer problem and finding a method to solve it is the proper start.


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Bill Clinton: Milwaukee Bucks

Wes Edens is an American business man and owner of the Milwaukee Bucks who is having a great season, being one of the top teams in the league with a 41-13 record, already surpassing there win total from last season. Wes Edens is sure on top of the world considering his team is one the favorites to win the NBA championship this season. On Monday night, the Milwaukee Bucks was at the Barclay Center to take on the Brooklyn Nets and at the game there was a surprise guest, former President of the United States Bill Clinton. For more information about Wes Edens, visit his crunchbase profile

It seems that Wes Edens has a secret fan of his team. Bill Clinton has been a fan for quite some time especially the star player of the team Giannis Antetokounmpo. He believes he is a rising star and could be a top player in the league. He has also complemented other players that has made the team a lot better of the course of these season such as George Hill who has made a huge impact on the team. Wes Edens and the former President are not strangers to one another. They have been friends for quite some time. In fact, Wes Edens has contributed to the Democratic Party in the past. And it seems that both have a love for Milwaukee Bucks basketball.

The Milwaukee Bucks putting themselves on the map as a team to be reckon with. They are one of the few teams in the league that truly challenge the Golden State Warriors who once again having a good season and are favored to win the championship again and win a 3-peat. Becoming the first team since the early 2000’s Lakers to accomplish this feat. They still have a lot to prove but if things go their way, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Bucks in the NBA Finals.

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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Roles in InnovaCare’s Success in Medical Management

Rick Shinto has been one of the outspoken and accomplished figures in the healthcare industry. He has over 20 years in the medical field having started his career as an Internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. He later went on to work for MedParnters as the Vice President and was responsible for the medical management of the organization. Shinto then moved to Cal Optimal Health in Orange County as a senior medical officer. He late became the CMO and operations manager for Pathway Management and later the senior officer in charge of medical management at NAMM California. In the year 2008, Rick Shinto joined the management staff of Aveta Inc and rose through the ranks to become CEO up to the point when it was sold in 2012. Rinko Shinto currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Innovacare Health.

As a result of his innovative capabilities, Rick Shinto was awarded the much-coveted Entrepreneur of the Year award in June 2012.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. She is serving a second stint after rejoining Innovacare Health in 2015 after her previous role of Chief Operating Officer. Kokkinides has more than 20 years experience in the health care with a specialty in government programs.

Before joining Innovacare Health, Kokkinides served as the Vice President and COO for Centerlight HealthCare. In an interview with, Kokkinides revealed that taking time to be informed is what makes her stand out as an entrepreneur and an authoritative leader in her field.

She attributed her organization skills to be one of the key factors that help her grow in her role and also as an entrepreneur. She plans the next day in advance which keeps her productive throughout the week. According to her, ideas should be developed to live through implementation.

About InnovaCare

Innovacare Health is a North-American medical corporation which provides healthcare services. It does so through two main divisions: Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. The company utilizes technology in coming with innovative, affordable, and sustainable health products and services. The firm’s ultimate objective is to revolutionize healthcare management while at the same time addressing the main challenges in the industry. It has a client base of over 200,000 people who are also registered as members. It received the highest accreditation issued out by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) because of their product offering.

Richard Liu Qiangdong, The Pioneer Of Online Trading In China


The world is advancing, and technology is growing every day. Today almost everything is digital, and things have been made simpler. You can conduct all your activities at the comfort of your home. Online trading is one of the aspects that have really changed and nowadays you don’t have to go to the market or mall to purchase your staffs. Just with the use of your phone or laptop you can do any business transactions and get your commodity. When talking about online shopping, there is one name you cannot omit, Richard Liu Qiangdong.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the wealthiest persons in China. He is a well-known entrepreneur and the founder of JingDong Mall also known as JD.Com. His company is the leading e-commerce platform in China where people can sell and as well as purchase goods. He founded the company in the year 2004, and he ensures it performs excellently and maintains a good reputation. Richard Liu plans to develop his business and be an international one to reach the vast market in the globe.

Richard Liu was born in Jiangsu China in the year 1973. He is an alumnus of the University of China where he studied bachelor’s degree in sociology. He is also a holder of master’s degree in computer science which he obtained from the international institution of China and Europe.

Richard Liu started business since he was young when he invested in a restaurant which collapsed in a few months. He later worked with a Japanese health products company as the director of company and business and performed significantly. He then left the company and opened his company in 1998 and used to supply magneto-optical products. Go Here to learn more.

Richard Qiangdong’s Company was doing well until the year 2003 when China was affected by the SARS outbreak, and his staff and clients were forced to stay at home. Richard Liu decided to switch his business to an online one to cater to the needs of his customers even while at home.IN 2004 he officially launched, and to date, JD is the best e-commerce platform in China.


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The Story Of Richard Liu Qiangdong And


Many companies that grow to be great start humble. It is the vision and the determination to pursue their goals that drives them to greatness. This is the case with, China’s most profitable internet company which was founded by billionaire-entrepreneur, Richard Liu Qiangdong, two decades ago in 1998. At the time, Richard Liu Qiangdong was a little-known and humble entrepreneur.


Armed with the passion and determination to revolutionize the e-commerce business, Richard Liu would build, which today is China’s largest retailer and most profitable internet company. According to Forbes, Jingdong commands a market worth of $57 billion and is also one of the most popular companies in China.


In an interview at the World Economic Forum held in Dallas on January 2018, Richard Liu awed a fascinated audience, detailing his story leading to the foundation of According to Richard Liu, he was born from a humble but business-minded family, which operated a struggling transport company.


However, Richard Liu Qiangdong says that the struggles of their family company taught him a lot about business. As a young adult, Richard Liu picked interest in politics and went on to study Sociology at the Renmin University of China, where he completed his degree in 1996. See This Page for related information.


It was while still at college, that Richard Liu would venture into business by opening a restaurant. However, he did not dedicate enough time to his restaurant and, consequently, the business took a nose dive and he was forced to shut it down. According to Richard Liu Qiangdong, this experience taught him a lot about business, and he still applies the lessons in the day to day running of


After acquiring his Sociology degree, Richard Liu was in for a rude shock after realizing that the profession would not pay him the big bucks. Resultantly, Richard Liu decided to teach himself programming and landed some coding projects that paid him a decent amount.


This enabled him to enroll for an EMBA program at the China Europe International Business School. After getting his EMBA, he would land a lucrative job at Japan Life, a prosperous health product company. Richard Liu Qiangdong worked at different capacities, including the head of business and head of computers, before leaving, after two years, to start Jingdong.



The Organo Gold Difference

There are few things more reliable than people’s love of coffee, especially with coffee shops on every corner and coffee pots brewing in every office across the globe. So many people rely on coffee to get them through their day that it is the second most consumed beverage in the world, right behind water. Dipping into this market, Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 along with Shane Morand as the company’s co-founder. While Chua has a strong marketing background, Morand specializes in Organo  selling platform, which uses individual distributors as opposed to selling at in-store locations.

Operating as a marketing and networking coffee company, Organo Gold offers their distributors the opportunity to shape their own career.Organo Gold’s products are special as they operate under the direction of their Scientific Advisory Board, headed up by Dr. Irma Prado who supervises as the chief medical consultant. The Organo Gold difference is ganoderma, a popular and a healthy herb used in Asia and known for its variety of benefits in the body.

Taken from the powerful mushroom family, ganoderma is highly sought after for its immune system boosting power and antioxidants which help fight inflammation in the body. This centuries old herb is starting to gain notoriety in the western world, though Organo Gold has been using it in their products for nearly a decade. Not only does Organo offer coffee, but they sell a wide variety of products from tea to grapeseed oil to skincare. No matter what type of body improvement a client is looking for, Organo Gold caters to the whole individual.

Innovation Is The Only Solution To Survival – Gregory J. Aziz

Ever wondered why a company with a brilliant idea, good profit margin can eventually shut down? Well, the truth is in business, you may be relevant today and be outdated tomorrow. Gregory J. Aziz shares out his secret that has made National Steel Car survive the market dynamics over the year. He puts emphasis on innovation and invention as the epitome of them all and encourage companies and business to invest into their research and development departments.


Gregory James Aziz’s leadership is what has moved National Steel Car from just being an ordinary business entity into being a great brand that is enviable. When, James Aziz became part of National Steel Car, the company had reached a point where everyone believed it was at its apex and no innovation who change the operations whatsoever. Past achievement in this case was to be the legacy of the company.


However, Gregory J. Aziz recalls heavily investing into the research and development department. Everybody thought he was making an irrational move. James Aziz asked his engineering department to get down and develop a car that would supersede the rest in the market in terms of speed, resilience, mileage coverage among other specs. This receive a cold welcome as many thoughts it was impossible, but he pushed them to do it anyway.


In a span of less than five years, the engineering department was proud to introduce to the market, an ultra-sleek car which was super-efficient, fast, strong and gas emission was almost equated to zero. The market received this well and within a short while the company’s net worth had shot to US$6 billion. Under James Aziz’s leadership, National Steel Car has received the ISO 9001:2008 Certification and become a leader in the car manufacturing industry.


About Gregory James Aziz


Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car, a leading engineering and manufacturing company in the United States. He was born in 1949 in Ontario, London. He began his elementary education and joined Ridley College for tertiary education and later did an undergraduate course in Economics from the University of Western Ontario. See This Page for additional information.


1His first job was at Affiliated Foods, a family business where he worked, and the business expanded into the South American and European markets. James Aziz later began investment banking in New York. He made quite a fortune which helped him buy National Steel Car company. He is philanthropic having given out to the Hamilton Community, United Way, Royal Agricultural Winter Fair among other humanitarian charity foundations. He is married to Iren and lives in Toronto, United States.




Gregory Aziz: The Man Behind National Steel Car


Have you heard of Gregory James Aziz?

Greg Aziz is known far and wide for being the CEO of National Steel Car. However, there is so much more to him than just these facts.

Gregory James Aziz was born in Ontario, Canada in 1949. His family ran Affiliate Foods for many years. Their primary purpose was to import fresh foods from all over the world and distribute them all across North America. After getting his education from Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario, Greg joined his family to work at Affiliate Foods. But he didn’t stay working at the family business forever.

Greg J Aziz went on to bigger and better things.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, he worked investment banking opportunities in New York. And with this experience, he acquired the prestigious National Steel Car in 1994. Since then, Gregory James Aziz has used his wit and expertise to make the company grow beyond what it had ever been before.

He rose to become the president, chairman, and CEO of the company. And under his leadership, Aziz increased employment at the company from 600 to 3,000. The railroad freight and tank car manufacturer has been honored for its’ high-quality products since the 1990’s. National Steel Car continues to be a leader all throughout North America to this very day. See This Page to learn more.

And Greg Aziz has been a part of it for over 30 years.

Under his charge, National Steel Car has been awarded by TTX SECO every year. And even though they are proud of their past achievements, the company is constantly focused on moving forward to do better things each year than the year before.

The Canadian-based National Steel Car was originally founded in 1912 under the name Imperial Car Company. They hold the honor of being the only railroad car company in North American to hold an ISO 9001:2015 certification. Their level of innovation and diversity is raising all the time. In fact, numerous workers from National Steel Car have received awards in the past year for their work at the company. Without the guidance of Gregory Aziz, none of it would have ever been possible.

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