Team Building And Office Building With Dr. Chris Villanueva

Dr. Chris Villanueva DMD is the acting Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental Solutions LLC. He founded this company in February of 2009 in Texas. Since its founding MB2 Dental Solutions has grown to a nationally recognized network of dentists. MB2 Dental currently works out of over 100 dental practices with a network of just over two hundred and twenty doctors and they consist of over 40 doctor owners.

Dr. Chris Villanueva earned his doctor of dental medicine degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine. After earning his degree in Florida he moved to Texas to begin working as an associate dentist. Dr. Chris quickly moved into the role of being a dental associate trainer and quickly realized that a lot of offices are overly micromanaged. He started his own practice and trained his entire staff. He enjoyed working chair side and training other dentists and staff on how patients should be treated. Since Dr. Chris had worked in another dentist’s office and he later owned his own office he had a firm understanding of what it was like to be an owner and what it was like to work for a corporation.

When he decided to create MB2 Dental Solutions, Dr. Chris wanted his dentists to be able to train and work with their own staff as if they had a private practice. These dentists are able to hold onto their autonomy for the clinical side of their practices. The dentists that are part of the MB2 Dental Solutions network are part of a corporation that is continually receiving the benefits of the ever changing dental technology. Dr. Chris believes that by allowing the dentists who are part of his company to run their offices in their own way they are able to build solid and lasting relationships with their patients and staff members and more

MB2 Dental has expanded to a seven state reach and is continually adding new dentists to their corporation. There are over forty dental owners within the company and they all value their staff and spending time together. Dr. Chris is an avid participant in team building exercises and weekend excursions. These trips help staff bond and grow stronger relationships that can flourish both inside and outside of the corporation.