Rocketship Education Criticized – But Why?

Education is very important to society. Without people who have already experienced life’s trials, tribulations, and experiences to show around younger, newer, fresher young people, younger generations are likely to make more mistakes than those collective cohorts could have if they had all been educated. Not only that – societies with higher public education standards also tend to make more money than their less-educated counterparts and otherwise tend to lead better, more promising lives.

The United States of America was once home to one of the greatest public education systems in the world. Today, the United States isn’t even in the top ten – the country is home to the greatest higher education market in the world, though not primary and secondary schools.

Rocketship Education is a charter school with 19 free-standing campuses spread across San Jose and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Nashville, Milwaukee, and the nation’s capital – Washington, D.C. Founded in 2007, the school system currently teaches a total of roughly 8,500 children in grades K-5. Although the school system isn’t growing as rapidly as it was at the turn of the decade, Rocketship Education remains one of the finest charter schools in the nation.

NPR is one of the most popular media sources across the nation, even though radio is steadily dying out and National Public Radio typically doesn’t push out catchy advertisements in the name of increasing profits like almost all other media stations.

Although NPR is objectively solid, it wrote a piece two years back about Rocketship Education; containing nothing but criticism, let’s address a few of the most outstandingly inaccurate or incorrect parts of the June 2016 piece.

Even though Rocketship has high test scores, it was criticized for having as many as 100 students in certain classrooms. Since Rocketship Education is doing so well, why wouldn’t other schools follow suit?

Rocketship was also targeted for allowing students about 80 minutes per day to use education-focused devices with the world’s top learning software. Many other schools allow much more than 80 minutes per day, and don’t even see half the results Rocketship does.

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