Doe Deere Looks Back At Her Beginnings

It is important to realize that America is a country that is filled with immigrants. Today, some immigrants are looked at in a negative way. However, Doe Deere is one Russian born immigrant that is a real success story and shows the fortitude and ambition of many new immigrants to the country. Doe Deere’s name is very recognizable because she is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and the fashion brand Poppyangeloff. Doe Deere achieved fame, fortune, and a wonderful life in this country and would like to share her success story with others. Here is more to consider.

Deere’s Big Dreams

Certainly, Doe Deere would agree that she was totally obsessed with everything that was American. That included the culture, music, food, and fashion. She read extensively about American and dreamed about moving to America. One day that dream was realized, when Doe Deere, her mother, and sister decided to move to America. At the age of 17, Deere and her family arrived in New York City, eager to start a new life. However, landing and living in New York City were a major shock to their system. The city was big, noisy, polluted, and too crowded. They moved into a small apartment and set about their new life. However, her mother’s savings ran out and they were forced to take menial jobs. Soon, they had to move into a Manhattan homeless shelter. It seemed their dreams were turning into a really harsh reality.

A Lucky Break

Doe Deere and her family did not give up on their American dream even though things were looking down. Deere still held on to her dream of designing fashions, her sister wanted to attend college, and her mother wished to pursue her career in accounting. A nonprofit organization that helped recent immigrant women stepped in and turned things around for the trio. A feminist lawyer made sure that Deere was enrolled in the Fashion Institute Of Technology, her sister in college, and her mother found an accounting position. Soon, they moved into their own little apartment. Today, Doe Deere relates that it was the tough beginning that made her a wiser and smarter person today. She would not change a thing.

Doe Deere – The American Dream

The original article is how cosmetic company founder Doe Deere came to America from Russia with her mother and sister and how the experiences she had makes her the kind of person she is today.

She first came to the United States when she was 17 years old (20 years ago) with her mother and sister from Izhevsk, Russia after dreaming of moving to the USA throughout her childhood. Her mother was an accountant but her credentials were taking time to transfer from Russia and was unable to find the type of work she wanted to do. She had to clean homes in order to receive an income while Doe took odd jobs such as dog walking to help with the bills.

The family eventually became homeless and had to go to homeless shelters and a local church for free meals in order to survive. During this time Doe was trying to follow her childhood dream of becoming a designer by putting her ideas on paper. This was a hard time for the small family but eventually they got help from a social worker that introduced her to Dorchen Leidholdt, an inspirational lawyer who helped Doe’s mother get an accounting job, helped her get into a fashion institute school and helped her sister get into college as well. They eventually got a small apartment that wasn’t in the best area to live but it was a step up from where they were before and they were grateful for that.

Doe recognizes that all of these hardships helped her to get to the place she is now and that living the “American Dream” is what most immigrants try to achieve when they come to America. She further states that these immigrants that have the hardest path to citizenship could be the very people that “make America great again

The Changing Trend of the Market and Fabletics’s Response

The market has gone through a lot of major changes. Among the changes is how business is done and customers are gained. Just a couple of decades ago, the way businesses has gotten customers was mainly by advertising. As a matter of fact, if a business put a lot of creativity into advertising, then it will gain a lot of customers for the company. The company will make a lot of profits and then it can put the money towards plenty of other activities which include a new ad campaign. However, so much has change when it comes to trends and business.


These days, in order for a company to gain and keep customers, it has to do a lot more than advertise and present good products to the customers. It is important for a company to provide great customers service and show a great example of social responsibility. For one thing, customers have access to all kinds of information on each famous company. In fact, if a company is not upfront about everything, one way or another, someone is going to expose that side of the company that remains hidden. Therefore, it is important that a company works on every aspect of business.


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