Banyan Hill’s Matt Badiali Believes In Bullish Zinc Market

People who are investing in metal commodities are usually focused on gold, silver, or platinum. When it comes to trading natural commodities, forecasts uses assumptions because no one can really tell what would happen in nature. That’s the reason why proven commodities like gold and silver are getting a lot of attraction. However, this is going to change, according to Matt Badiali, because Zinc will underperform the other metals. Matt Badiali, the founder of “Real Wealth Strategist”, his investment newsletter in Banyan Hill stated that natural resources cycles usually last a few years. Zic has been in its bearish trend since 2011 and investors who don’t see gains, in the long run, tend to sell and move on another sector.

But as Matt Badiali says, no bull market goes straight up, and it is true with the Zinc market. The Zinc price trend from 2016 to 2017 dips every once in a while, but it will usually rise again. In just two years, the price went from $0.70 to more than $1.40. In addition, expert Matt Badiali stated that there are times earlier in the decade when Zinc has gained a lot, even outperforming other commodities. An example of this time is from December 2008 to January 2010. Zinc price increased from $0.48 to $1.22, a 154% gain in 25 months. A similar thing happened from July 5 to December 2006, when the price of zinc increased from $0.53 to $2.09 per pound. That’s 294% gain, and even in a shorter time span.

According to data of Zinc Price from InvestmentMine, Zinc Price per pound is currently on its bullish trend, and it is expected to continue in the following years. Matt Badiali stated that the last bullish Zinc market lasted for four years. Early investors will probably reap bigger gains when the bullish market finally takes off. Matt Badiali runs the newsletter Real Wealth Strategist and Front line Profits. Real Wealth Strategist has been in the Banyan Hill newsletters since 2017. He is an investment educator who specializes in natural resource investing. He has been confident in this sector because of his work experiences and a degree in sciences that he got from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University.

How Freedom Checks Differ From Trump Bonus Checks

There’s a fair amount of confusion out there in regards to Freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks. Some people think they are the same type of investment but the truth is that is not the case at all. Freedom Checks is a marketing term for a legitimate investment opportunity that has been around since the 1980s. Trump Bonus Checks are a scam that recently popped up. Here are the differences.The marketing for Trump Bonus Checks is that President Trump signed legislation to give hardworking Americans amazing amounts of money for…being American? Why the federal government would be doing this isn’t part of the business marketing, actually. Supposedly people are getting anywhere from around $4300 a month to $8200.

The claim is the largest corporations are now giving away money due to this legislation and all you need to do is pay $99 a year for a newsletter that tells you which companies these are. The truth is there was no legislation, Trump isn’t remotely interested in giving regular people monthly checks, and the backer of Trump Bonus Checks just wants to sell subscriptions to his newsletter.So, what about Freedom Checks? It’s a term for the dividends that Master Limited Partnerships pay out. There are 568 businesses that meet a statute called 26-F, passed by Congress in 1987. The point of this legislation was to encourage oil and gas companies to drill in America, reducing the nation’s reliance on Middle East oil.

Some expert investment analysts have dismissed them just as they did Trump Bonus Checks. They didn’t understand that some oil and gas firms really do issue Freedom Checks on a quarterly basis. MLPs are required by law to pay all of their profits out to the people that own their shares. This can be very lucrative as some investors are collecting as much as $124,000 a year to even $643,000 depending on how much they invested.So, these two things aren’t the same thing at all. The backer of Trump Bonus Checks just interested in selling his junk financial newsletter while Freedom Checks are a great investment way to bring in additional money.

Michael Burwell And Willis Tower Watson


Michael Burwell is famous when it comes to the field of finance as a financial advisor. At the moment he serves at Willis Tower Watson as the Chief Financial Officer. Willis Tower Watson is a consulting as well as an advisory organization that offers various services for both small and large organizations.


Michel went to the University of Michigan where he received his first degree. Burwell is also CPA trained. He had served in the finance industry for more than 30 years before coming to Willis Tower Watson. During the 30 years, he worked in several crucial and high-level roles.


Michael worked in the business advisory serves for 11 years before he was promoted to become a partner and moving to the transaction business in Detroit, their operations hub. He experienced high levels of success while working with the business advisory that the central US division of transaction asked him to take charge of its operations. Michael achieved a lot of success at the national level, something that made him become the chief financial officer as well as the chief operating officer.


Michael goes ahead to say that most of his ideas come from the people he works with. His co-workers have this invaluable including a unique perspective that allows them to have the capability to do things that people who are not within the organization cannot be able to do. According to Burwell, he has managed to retain his high levels of productivity because he has learned to use little and transform it into a lot. He goes ahead to say that with the advancement of technology, the lives of many people have been improved as well as allowing people to perform few tasks every day. He has also learned to make use of all the available tools that he has to maintain his productivity. View More Information Here.


Michael claims that networking as well as creating relationships is one sure way to become successful in any industry. Relationships are not only good for success in business but also for interpersonal growth which is equally important when it comes to a business setting. It is essential to ensure that there is perfect communication within an organization.


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