Sandy Chin: Recent Stock Market Downtimes Creates Concern Among Investors

The majority of United States stock market investors expressed signs of apprehension when the stock market took a hit, or experienced durations of plummeting stock prices, on December 4th, 2018. This raised even more uncertainty considering that the stock market’s state has been unforeseeable since the middle of October when the prices of numerous stocks dropped significantly than they have in previous months. While the precise justification for this down-period is undefined, numerous market-analysts claim that the recent drop is associated with the recent global occurrences.


Although individual investors carefully observed and acted accordingly as their investments fell, the more experienced investors perceived this down-fall as a prospective herald of economic retardation. This down-period affected the methods in which those professional investors’ investment groups collaborated with the stocks. Additionally, many may need to know that this down-period of the fourth quarter of December is the result of a few chain-reaction events of investments on all levels.


With the future of the stock market being deemed as uncertain considering the prices of stocks are continuing to plummet, the one key aspect that is certain is that all attention has been shifted towards these professional stock-market investors as well as stock analysts. Age cannot be deemed as the primary difference between the amateur and advanced stock investors. Given that stock prices go up and down often, the successful investors generally have an idea of what to expect, as well as have a sound strategy prepared for when this does happen. However, this most recent downfall of stock prices and the stock market, in general, has raised major concerns for the majority of investors, regardless of experience. Although there is really not much an investor can do during this period, the best thing to do is hope for a potential rise again, which is perhaps inevitable if history rewrites itself.


Although the advancements made in technology in the past few years have certainly benefited the majority of traders for reasons beyond gained knowledge and the overall investment abilities, today’s technology-based stock exchanges have also certainly increased in frustration. Even if an individual does not utilize a computer for professional-work functions, they can agree that these computers often experience major glitches, causing the owner a great deal of frustration. Additionally, these frustrations can impede and impact not only the efficiency but the overall price of a particular stock as well as its performance. As the final days of the year approaches, many investors are not only anxious but also on the brink of their seats.


Michael Burwell And Willis Tower Watson


Michael Burwell is famous when it comes to the field of finance as a financial advisor. At the moment he serves at Willis Tower Watson as the Chief Financial Officer. Willis Tower Watson is a consulting as well as an advisory organization that offers various services for both small and large organizations.


Michel went to the University of Michigan where he received his first degree. Burwell is also CPA trained. He had served in the finance industry for more than 30 years before coming to Willis Tower Watson. During the 30 years, he worked in several crucial and high-level roles.


Michael worked in the business advisory serves for 11 years before he was promoted to become a partner and moving to the transaction business in Detroit, their operations hub. He experienced high levels of success while working with the business advisory that the central US division of transaction asked him to take charge of its operations. Michael achieved a lot of success at the national level, something that made him become the chief financial officer as well as the chief operating officer.


Michael goes ahead to say that most of his ideas come from the people he works with. His co-workers have this invaluable including a unique perspective that allows them to have the capability to do things that people who are not within the organization cannot be able to do. According to Burwell, he has managed to retain his high levels of productivity because he has learned to use little and transform it into a lot. He goes ahead to say that with the advancement of technology, the lives of many people have been improved as well as allowing people to perform few tasks every day. He has also learned to make use of all the available tools that he has to maintain his productivity. View More Information Here.


Michael claims that networking as well as creating relationships is one sure way to become successful in any industry. Relationships are not only good for success in business but also for interpersonal growth which is equally important when it comes to a business setting. It is essential to ensure that there is perfect communication within an organization.


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US Money Reserve Wins Again

The US Money Reserve has once again been named the winner of the two Best of Category Awards by AdSphere for the year 2018. US Money Reserve was recognized for its great performance and creativity in one of the most competitive direct-response television (DRTV) industry. The precious metal giant was specifically awarded for the short-form products and infomercials categories. The award had attracted several companies but US Money Reserve emerged the top to beat them all.


AdSphere every year selects and recognizes top network cable advertisers as well as brands within the lucrative and multi-billion direct-response television industries. The companies are selected and ranked by DRMetrix, one of the leading television research companies for the direct-response television industry. Speaking after receiving the award, the Chief Executive Officer of US Money Reserve Angela Koch said that US Money Reserve’s efforts in the DRTV industry are driven by the desire to offer the best image of the company to its clients and the general public.


“We are honored to be announced as the winners for the second year for this prestigious award from AdSphere. We would not be here if it was not for the great talents and creativity of our marketing and production teams” said Koch.


AdSphere’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder Joseph Gray said that AdSphere awards are meant to recognize the best advertisers across the DRTV industry from four main categories that include brand/direct, short-form products, 28.8-minute infomercials and lead generations. He said that the research company continuously monitors more than 120 national networks to identify the best once. “I want to take this opportunity to congratulate US Mooney Reserve for scooping this award for the second time in a row. They have demonstrated their ability to come up with some of the most creative and attractive advertisements” said Gray.


About US Money Reserve


US Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors of US government issued gold, platinum and silver products. The company was founded back in 2001 and has since grown and spread its operations across the country. US Money Reserve has its main offices in Austin, Texas although it also has offices in other parts of the country.


US Money Reserve has over the years assisted clients in wealth creation through proper asset management. The company also has a great customer service experience to help clients in different parts of the country. The company currently has more than 400,000 clients.

Why US Money Reserve Gold Rises With Inflation

Inflation tends to make your money less valuable than you think it is. It is almost like a shadow. Inflation can erode your money’s value, so you have less purchasing power.


Certain assets will rise with inflation, like gold. What characteristics make gold rise with inflation? Learn why US Money Reserve gold rises with inflation.


Fake vs. Real Wealth


Oftentimes, stock traders talk about “paper wealth.” If your Apple stock increases from $50 to $100 before you sell it, you have “paper wealth.” You don’t have real wealth until you sell your stock at $100.


Inflation creates a sort of “fake wealth.” Unfortunately, Americans think that their dollars are more valuable than they are. Inflation increases can lead to many problems.


Unchecked inflation can lead to an inability to properly gauge prices. This could impact individuals, companies and governments. It could be difficult to determine if its budget is sufficient when prices rise dramatically.


Productivity Gains


There is a difference between real wealth and fake wealth. The problem with inflation is that sometimes, it is fake wealth. Why?


When a construction firm digs the foundation for a home, it is doing real work. When it puts up the wooden infrastructure, it is creating a brand new house. This productivity creates real assets for the economy.


When a business takes a sign for eggs that says $1.00 and changes it to $2.00, has it created any new wealth? No. That is one of the problems with inflation, it can be fake wealth, at times.


Gold is Tangible


Can anyone create any new gold out of thin air? No. Gold must be mined or recycled.


Gold has always been a store of wealth because it is very difficult to acquire. It cannot be manufactured. That is why US Money Reserve gold bars are so valuable.


You can find gold coins that used to be in circulation at US Money Reserve. There are also proof gold coins that were never in circulation. These are in pristine condition.


The thing about gold is that its price is not manufactured. It cannot be produced by any factory. It is not found in only one nation.


Gold is a commodity. Commodities are real tangible items. Commodities include gold, silver, wheat and orange juice.


Commodities are the raw materials used to manufacture finished goods. Businesses need these raw materials to create the electronics, computers and automobiles that you use every day. As inflation rises, it might lead to the rise of input prices.


That is why gold rises with inflation.


Gold is kind of a mirror on inflation. Gold can reveal whether the inflation is fake or real. Gold can show whether it has led to increased productivity, or whether it is full of hot air.


The US Money Reserve can explain all that you need to know about gold. It is a trusted source of information. If you are worried about inflation, then gold might be a good way to hedge your bets.


AvaTrade Review: The Forex and Cryptocurrency Investment Platform of Choice

There are a lot of unique opportunities for trading with AvaTrade. They have created a platform that is multidimensional and unique due to its inherent abilities to provide high quality user experiences. AvaTrade has been in existence since 2006 and has built a service model that is based on valuable techniques.

Forex analysis as well as other tools available in the platform make it easy to complete projects and get insight on existing portfolios. They make it easy to get results through consistent performance and enhanced trading solutions. AvaTrade succeeds where other organizations may not due to the provisions for support, educational resources as well as a commitment to excellence in innovation.

More than 200,000 clients take part in the platform and there is a presence for AvaTrade in more than one hundred and sixty countries around the world. Consumers are responsible for a large volume of capital that is traded through the platform. There are more than sixty billion dollars fluctuating based on two million transactions every thirty days on AvaTrade.

The AvaTrade review is one of the establishments that addresses forex needs as well as cryptocurrency options. This is because it is possible to buy and trade Bitcoins on the system in addition to other types of instruments. With more than 250 financial instruments available throughout the platform there are options for even the most picky of investors. There are opportunities to trade CFDs, Bonds, EFTs, commodities as well as indicies.

AvaTrade is regulated by international institutions and is an accredited platform for forex transactions. They have consistently contributed to regulations and are reputable partners in multiple areas of the world. One of the benefits of AvaTrade is that they utilize some of the most comprehensive and advanced technology. They allow trading to take place with MetaTrader 4 platforms and are responsible for significant aspects of automated trading. The downloads, apps and other advantageous software make it easy to get started and to get the best results from investing online.

AvaTrade is compatible with iOS, Android and other types of devices, making them a great option for versatile trading online.

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Oxford Club: Three Ways to Be a Better Investor

Investing profitably can be a confusing task. Too many people choose to employ the help of an investment advisor or a fund manager before we proceed with our investing strategies. Oxford Club is a private network of investors that believe the educated individual can invest without the aid of those so-called professional advisors. Studies have shown that investors who follow the benchmarks outperform investors who use advisors. The Oxford Club believes if investors follow three pieces of advice, they will have much better results than most of today’s investing Americans.

The first step is to save more money. Only 24% of Americans have saved $1000 toward retirement and less than 50% have saved $25,000. The average American earns at least $35,000 annually. To retire at age 67 with the average death occurring around age 78 for men and 81 for would mean, they should retire with at least $200,000 saved to supplement any benefits expected from Social Security. The average Social Security benefit is only $1,360 per month, that’s $16,320 annually, less than half of what they earned during their working years. Most people couldn’t make that kind of adjustment to their living.

The second step is to reduce your investment expenses. Paying a fund manager or an investment advisor could cost as little as 1%, but is the investment only returns 2.4%, that’s 42% of your return going to someone who isn’t actually increasing your earnings. If the investor simply follows the benchmark investments, they will outperform most fund managers and investment advisors.

The third and final step is to rebalance your portfolio. We are in the middle of remarkable period in the market. It just keeps growing. Now, is the time to sell back some of those appreciating asset classes. Remember sell high and buy low is the winning strategy. Rebalance your portfolio by selling some of your winners and buying more of your losing investments. Cycles turn and they will soon, so get your portfolio ready.