Alex Pall: One of the two men behind the Rise of Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have just released their new track “Closer which is the first to feature Alex Pall’s partner singing in the band, Andrew Taggart. The human element in this song is a major breakthrough for the duo as compared to their previous singles that heavily borrow services of vocalists and songwriters. It adds more taste to their electronic sound tapes.

The pair seeks to diversify their band by customizing their brand in dance music. The move is driven towards gaining recognition as real artists rather than just crafting beats through their DJing skills. The Chainsmokers duo is determined to evolve with the dynamic nature of their audience in order to maintain relevance in the market.

According to Alex Pall, his career as a DJ started as a hobby as he was growing up. While DJing in New York City, he developed a great passion for dance music. Through this path, his manager at that time introduced him to Andrew Taggart and they began working together. Since then, their contributions are remarkable towards the growth of the Chainsmokers. Andrew’s passion for DJing while in college blended well with the interests of his partner. Also, his interests in electronic dance music and being talented producer made him a perfect match for the band.

Pall cities that they are both committed and ambitious in making Chainsmokers successful. The combination of their diverse skills and expertise is a significant aspect of the band’s growth journey. Taggart describes the journey of hitting the spotlight as artists in the electronic genre as hard but worthwhile. He insists on ensuring that the audience is satisfied and how they relate to a particular song before embarking on a new project. The two are actively involved in developing their own songs even while employing the skills of songwriters.

Moreover, the Chainsmokers is significantly diversifying their music into the global market. Their goal is to keep changing and rebranding themselves along with the changing demands of the audience. By giving people a chance to have new experiences with their music, the band seeks to remain at the top of the music industry.

Alex Pall is a Grammy-winning DJ. Besides his fame in the music career, he is wealthy individual an excellent taste for art.

Jeremy Goldstein explaining knockout options to companies

Over the recent years, companies have begun slashing stock options from employees benefit packages. Some do it strictly to save money. However, the main reasons are more complex and have convinced many to reduce or eliminate stock options.


  1. When the stock value drops suddenly, employees don’t have enough time to execute their options. The company is forced to record all related expenses, leaving shareholders open to the risk of “option overhang.”


  1. Employees do not trust this type of compensation. Employees understand that the economy dictates various stock market reactions, including options losing value. When options lose value, employees benefits are seen as casino tokens instead of cash.


  1. Accountants are forced to track options. When companies trade in derivatives, the costs may often outweigh any potential profits. Paid staff often would rather receive pay raises instead of stock options. Employers could afford pay raises if they eliminated options from benefits.


No matter what they say, there are some advantages to offering stock options. Some employees still prefer to receive stock options over pay raises. Some corporate executives prefer stock options because they are easy to understand how they work. Stock options means that each employee receives the same compensation. Employees’ personal earnings increase only when the share value rises. This means employees will work harder to keep the company successful.


There is one solution for companies to consider before eliminating stock options. According to Jeremy Goldstein, knockout options are the best substitute. Knockout options are very similar to stock equities, they both have the same time limits and vesting requirements. Jeremy Goldstein is recommending employers wait at least one year after the options expire before offering new replacement options. If the company doesn’t wait, they could cause the company’s quarterly statement to look negative.


Jeremy Goldstein has amassed more than 15 years of experience in business matters. Corporate executives looking for legal advice are best advised to speak with Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein specializes in corporate governance and executive compensation. Jeremy Goldstein has been influential in several significant financial transactions involving several companies including AT&T, Bank One, Chevron, Goldman Sachs and Verizon. Jeremy Goldstein served on the board of several organizations including the Professional Advisory Board of the NYU Journal of Law and Business, as well as Fountain House, a nonprofit organization that helps people recover from mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein continues to help corporate executives with their employee benefits. Learn more: