New York City Philanthropist Victoria Doramus Makes Charitable Donation To Hopeland At Their Annual Gala Event


The article from Benzinga highlights Victoria Doramus making a generous donation to Hopeland, which is a non-profit that helps unify families and keep them together. Hopeland held their Annual Gala this past December as they were founded by two individuals named Deborra-lee Furness and Nicholas Evans in the year 2014 and works to provide children with a caring and loving family.

They also work to bring families together such as children who have been separated from their mothers or fathers and spread a movement to help children who feel alone. The organization can be followed via its website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

Victoria Doramus spoke highly of the non-profit, stating that they do a lot for children and that every single one deserves to be loved and embraced by their family. Victoria Doramus is a philanthropist that believes that these children need our help and that people need to address it and understand that it is in their responsibility to do so.

The event was followed up with performances by Ari Afsar and Keala Settle, along with a powerful speech made from doctor Bertice Berry about how she made the decision to adopt her sisters children so they would not fall prey to the foster care system, which can not be so great at times for young children, but instead feel uncomfortable and like a trap. Berry explained to the crowd that each individual can make a difference in a young child’s life and that is why everyone was there that night. Refer to This Article for related information.

The CEO of Hopeland also made a powerful statement to the crowd addressing that although an individual did not cause the issue, they can still make a positive impact by being a part of the solution and not simply be a bystander. Nick Evans addressed and thanked anyone who made a donation to their organization and that the upcoming year would be even better for them as a result of people’s generosity. Famous actor Hugh Jackman was even at the event as he credited Hopeland for their impact in the community and introduced singer Keala Settle.


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Dick Devos: Businessman and Philanthropist

Most people don’t realize that Dick Devos has been working within aviation for some time. It’s only when he was appointed to the FAA’s Management Advisory Council in September 2017 that people started to notice the business leader again. In the 1980s and 1990s, Devos was known as the CEO and President of Amway, a prominent sports arena company. However, Amway was much more than that, and it was a true testament to Devos’ skill and business acumen as the company had recordbreaking sales throughout his leadership.


However, by 1999, Devos had left Amway and was looking for something else. He began to work with the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport as one of the projects that would define his career. You can tell that Devos is a fan of aviation. He has his own jets and he pilots them frequently, preferring to fly his own helicopter instead of driving in some cases.


Devos is one of the aviation business partners that most airports and airlines would lover to have simply because he knows how to make relationships between different companies and sponsors. He has helped the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids expand exponentially over the past 20 years. In the beginning, he worked with the airport and airlines like Air Tran Airways to improve the offerings at the airport, bringing in new flights that would boost ticket sales.


Now the airport is undergoing a $45 million expansion after its growth period. However, Devos doesn’t believe that the growth stops here. His plan is to make Grand Rapids one of the best cities to live in, which is why he and his wife have spent so much money and time helping other businesses, as well as providing $134 million in funding to different community projets.


Devos has been leading the way in Grand Rapids since his time in Grand Action in the 1990s. It was the Grand Action that led to large parts of the town being renovated and built up so that new commerce could flood the downtown area. He even helped with city planning and founded a couple of different areas, such as the Devos Performing Arts Center.


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Dick and Betsy DeVos: Charter Schools Give Children the Most Out Of Their Education

There many things that exist in the state of Michigan because of the work that has been done by Dick and Betsy DeVos. They took their role in their community very seriously. They knew that their work who would benefit generations for years to come and they wanted to make sure that it stood the test of time. One thing that is so foundational to society is education. Betsy DeVos took a very early liking to the education system, but she saw some glaring problems when it comes to those systems. With her husband Dick, she pursued a career within the sector in the hopes that she would become a major proponent of lasting change.


Dick DeVos is also a master politician and advocate. He has focused on the development and other business opportunities. When their home community of Grand Rapids, Michigan sought to advance their infrastructure, Dick DeVos stepped in to offer his opinion on matters. He, and a group of other outstanding individuals from the community worked together to supply the blueprints for community buildings that would help grow the community instead of squashing it. It seems that the proposed conference center that many were pushing for was not in the best interest of Grand Rapids, this panel of individuals helped save Grand Rapids from an uncertain future.


Another thing that Dick and Betsy DeVos have poured their heart and soul into is there charter school located at Grand Rapids International Airport. This school is exceptional in every single way. Students are challenged and much of the coursework is engineer based. They receive their normal coursework, but they also have an education that is centered around aviation. Children that are interested in becoming pilots would do well to be enrolled in a program such as this. In every single grade, children are given the opportunity to attend aviation classes. They will learn how to fly, how to read instruments, how to maintain their personal planes, and many other pertinent skills.


One of the most exciting things about this charter school is that it has two personal airplanes. These airplanes allow students to go on their own flights. Students that have received the appropriate amount of instruction and grading will be allowed to participate in their own solo flights. The blue-shirted novices will then be confronted with a peer that has been awarded a white shirt, delegating that they were able to complete this wonderful milestone. Betsy and Dick DeVos believe that this is a good thing because it gives the students something to aspire to and work for.


Throughout all of Michigan, it appears the state is better because of the work that the DeVos family does. It is easy to discount the politics of an individual without understanding how much work they have done for their community. When Betsy DeVos fights for school choice, she knows how beneficial it is to the students that experience these different types of education. She wants that for all of America’s children so that they can get the most out of their education.


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