Dr. Saad: From Surgery To Research

Dr. Saad Saad is an incredibly well-reputed surgeon who has been working in the field of pediatric surgery. Now a retired professional, Dr. Saad has led an impressive career spanning over several decades. A lot of the work that Dr. Saad has undertaken have helped save the lives of thousands of children all over the world. He has worked with children battling a number of severe diseases and disorders which affect their overall well being. In addition to surgery, he is also heavily focused on research and developing new techniques for the surgeries that he and other fellow pediatric surgeons can perform.

Dr. Saad has lived a life traveling from one place to another. He was born in Palestine but moved to Kuwaiti when he was still a baby. He went on to live there and complete his schooling, after which he moved to Egypt to get his degree in medicine. Having finished the first leg of his career, he decided to take up a residency program in London. It was here that Dr. Saad got introduced to the world of pediatric surgery, which is where he would thereon end up spending the rest of his career doing. After his program had reached his end, Dr. Saad once again wanted to move, but this time to the United States. His family and always been incredibly supportive of it and encouraged him to take on things that others wouldn’t. Over time, Dr. Saad’s skills improved and he started performing more and more complex surgeries.

In addition to being one of the leading pediatric surgeons in the entire world, he also regularly extends a helping hand to those in need in the way that he knows best. He has been a part of a program called Medical Missions, which sends doctors from the United States to treat patients in Jerusalem who are in need of life-saving surgeries and treatments but are too poor to pay for the operations themselves. Dr. Saad has participated in these Medical Missions several times and has been able to offer his expertise in pediatric surgery to hundreds of children there.

Dr. Saad has always viewed research as one of the foundations of medicine. During his retirement years, Dr. Saad decided that he will focus on finding new techniques and surgical procedures that can potentially save the lives of thousands all over the world. This is not the first time that Dr. Saad has tried to come up with a medical procedure. In the past, Dr. Saad worked to bring forth a new kind of surgical technique that could be used to treat incredibly ill patients who are in dire need of care. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad

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