Sexual abuse is a phenomenon that is very tragic. Only the brave victims come out and talk about their horrible experiences. When these rape survivors come out, they need a strong, determined and aggressive person behind them to attribute to their injustices. They need people like Jeff Herman. Jeff Herman is a lawyer and an advocate for rape survivors. Throughout his career, he has represented so many brave women, men and children who are victims of rape and in all these cases, his clients always leave the courtroom satisfied.

Jeff Herman was born in 1959. The father of four grew up in Youngstown; He attended University of Arizona and Case Western Reserve University school of law where he got his Juris Doctorate in 1985. He then started practicing law the following year as a commercial litigation lawyer. What made him shift to rape cases was a case of a 4-year-old who was sexually abused at school. The rapist turned out to be a convicted pedophile working at the school. He took this case to help this family out only to realize that rape happens all the time. It was at this point that Herman took it upon his life to help rape victims fight their abusers according to the law.

Jeff Herman co-founded Herman Law. A law firm that consists of experts who share the same goal, to bring these rapists to book. The firm has an investigative unit that digs out information and leaves no stone unturned until they find out whatever it is they are looking for to prove that so and so was sexually abused by so and so. At Herman law, they deal with facts because they document every single detail.

For years, Herman has gained popularity by featuring in top magazines for exposing sexual offenders who are protected by their people or rogue institutions. He has mostly advocated for children who were abused which earned him child advocate of the year by KidSafe foundation.

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