Sandy Chin: Recent Stock Market Downtimes Creates Concern Among Investors

The majority of United States stock market investors expressed signs of apprehension when the stock market took a hit, or experienced durations of plummeting stock prices, on December 4th, 2018. This raised even more uncertainty considering that the stock market’s state has been unforeseeable since the middle of October when the prices of numerous stocks dropped significantly than they have in previous months. While the precise justification for this down-period is undefined, numerous market-analysts claim that the recent drop is associated with the recent global occurrences.


Although individual investors carefully observed and acted accordingly as their investments fell, the more experienced investors perceived this down-fall as a prospective herald of economic retardation. This down-period affected the methods in which those professional investors’ investment groups collaborated with the stocks. Additionally, many may need to know that this down-period of the fourth quarter of December is the result of a few chain-reaction events of investments on all levels.


With the future of the stock market being deemed as uncertain considering the prices of stocks are continuing to plummet, the one key aspect that is certain is that all attention has been shifted towards these professional stock-market investors as well as stock analysts. Age cannot be deemed as the primary difference between the amateur and advanced stock investors. Given that stock prices go up and down often, the successful investors generally have an idea of what to expect, as well as have a sound strategy prepared for when this does happen. However, this most recent downfall of stock prices and the stock market, in general, has raised major concerns for the majority of investors, regardless of experience. Although there is really not much an investor can do during this period, the best thing to do is hope for a potential rise again, which is perhaps inevitable if history rewrites itself.


Although the advancements made in technology in the past few years have certainly benefited the majority of traders for reasons beyond gained knowledge and the overall investment abilities, today’s technology-based stock exchanges have also certainly increased in frustration. Even if an individual does not utilize a computer for professional-work functions, they can agree that these computers often experience major glitches, causing the owner a great deal of frustration. Additionally, these frustrations can impede and impact not only the efficiency but the overall price of a particular stock as well as its performance. As the final days of the year approaches, many investors are not only anxious but also on the brink of their seats.


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