Many people have the wrong notion of the executives of big companies being ‘heartless’ or lacking a sense of care. Antony Petrello, the chief executive officer of the Nabors Industries, proves the ideology wrong and mythical. His life is a pure testimony that what one is in the society is not a limiting factor to goodness.

The Nabors Industries is the largest drilling contractors across the states and the globe. He has been known for his philanthropic efforts in the medical field despite his work requirements and his high positions. Antony was elected as the president of the company back in 1991 and was promoted to be the CEO on 28th October 2011.

Petrello’s leadership in the Nabors Industries has aided in creating job opportunities for over 100,000 people in the oil-producing regions in the states.

Mr. Petrello also forms part of the board members of the Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. Despite his daughter being born premature, he has continued his financial and emotional support to the medical community to fund scientific research. Tony and his wife, Cynthia have donated $5 million to help bring the examination of the cure of periventricular leukomalacia.

Tony has also donated a minimum of $150, 000 for the scholarship at Yale University in memory of the late Professor Serge Lang and he still mentioned the plans of adding an extra $150,000 to match any additional donations.

Following the Hurricane Harvey that hit Texas causing damage worth millions, many of Tony’s employees and he have remained dedicated to helping the victims recover. Antony Petrello and his employees joined forces with the Houston Community to provide funds and support the victims in settling down and recovering. The Nabors industries formed the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund where the company workers took time off to help the victims. The workers, led by Tony, also made a contribution amounting to about $173, 622 which was donated to the victims.

Nabors under Mr. Petrello has donated over $3 million in scholarships to the children of the Nabors employees. According to Petrello, no work position should deter you from doing charitable work no matter how small you are.

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